Hello from Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Hi. I am starting my looking into a Cnc plasma. I have a Cnc laser and router already. I live just north of Calgary AB Hey @Rosebudhh how has your machine been working? I am a little concerned with all the extra shipping fees etc. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated

You might want to address this to @Rosebudhh
You need to put an ‘@’ in front of the name. This post will alert him.
Oh, and welcome to the forum!

Ok. I will do that. Thanks

There was a pro for sale on Kijiji in Edmonton a couple weeks ago I remember seeing.

I had mine shipped to me in British Columbia and it wasn’t so bad cost wisefor the pro.

another CANADIAN…we are going to take over the WORLD…mwwhahahahahahaha ( evil laugh)

sorry…I am Canadian…

@Razataz327 welcome…I paid around $300 in duties to bring it in…

but in comparison it is still cheaper that a lot of other options…

Hi. @TinWhisperer Thanks for the information. I will look into it

Hi @toolboy . That is not the worst for shipping and fees. Better than from overseas I guess it’s a canucks uprising

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