Hello eveyone.. Order is in

Ordered my MR1 on Saturday as a full build due to my work load. Estimated shipping window I received was:
Fed 13th to Fed 27th without full assembly. With full assembly Apr 24th to May 8th.
So I will now be changing my order so I can get sooner rather than later. Will submit change on Monday, tomorrow. Plan on driving to Conroe to pickup, just a few hours, 3, from my home.
In the mean time will find a cozy spot in my shop, electrical in none issue as I have it already wired for 220v. Guess the wait begins…

Looking forward to getting the MR1 assembled in a timely manner. The waiting on concrete and then the epoxy floating seems to be the most irritating, time consuming of the entire process.
Currently running a Precision Matthews 728VT DRO setup and a Precision Matthews 1130 DRO Lathe machining Grade 9 & 5 Titanium. The MR1 will be mainly used for aluminum and mild steel fabrication.

Been reading a lot here and thanks to everyone for taking the time to post up their information and pictures.


Welcome. Lot going on right now with them being new and all. I’m learning everyday. My MR1 came in on Friday. Modding things as I go. Can’t wait to get it going.

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Thanks @sr71xjet, I bet you have been busy with the MR1 since receiving :+1:. Will be anxiously waiting for mine to be ready for pickup.

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Received a reply from Casey at Langmuir today regarding the change to my order.
Excellent service, appreciated the fast response.

Now hurry up late February and get here…


Picked mine up after a 3 hour drive yesterday. Pickup was super easy, they brought forks out and helped strap it in.

There’s a Loves like 10-15 min north that was on my way out and was a good spot to pull over and double check before really setting out.

I’m outside of Tyler, and it was mostly state and county roads for me. Was only on i45 for maybe 40 miles, tops

I’d say pick a concrete with small aggregate in it. I used the cheap ‘regular’ stuff and the larger aggregate was a pain to get tucked in all the places it belongs. Also, I got a different dye for my epoxy - make it yours man, you’ll love it and after the build you will know every nook and cranny of that thing.

I’m in Lindale, Small world.

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I’m between Gilmer and Longview. MR-1’s popping up everywhere around here!

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I’m in big Sandy every couple of weekends :rofl:

Are you that dude with the facility doing the custom plasma cutting? Had a container converted into a giant powder coating oven?

If so, I met you a couple years ago when Kenneth D sent me over. Same guy?