Having Trouble with a DFX file of a Compass

Is there anyone that could help a senior new to CNC Plasma Cutting. I have this Compass dfx thats giving me a problem. I get 99.9% of the tool path. But there is a valley in the “W” that the path will not follow. I believe that the entrance to this area is too small and I would like to edit it to a lager opening. Using the free version on Fusion 360. The cut is around 17" square. I might try scaling up slightly but I would really like to just edit the nodes in this are to widen the entry gap.

I ll throw together a quick video of how to edit that for you.

This one way I would tackle that problem

At the 46 second mark I hit the letter P on the keyboard to open the project tool.

here is the file I modified

COMPASS SIGN DXF W gap w tin (1).dxf (65.7 KB)

I moved the sketch closer to origin as well

[TinWhisperer] Thank you . That’s exactly what I was trying to do. I just need more experience. Will be reviewing your video many time. Could not find a utube video with this particular problem. Much appreciated!

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You are welcome .

If you need to slow the video used the 3 dots in the corner.