Have to buy whole new box for thc

I called trying to see if i could just buy the modules for thc but ygey said i had to buy the whole kit. Seems kind of a waste as tge box they sent already has the thc and ihs plug as well as the z axis plug…

Should i not just need to wire the modules in or am i missing something?

I just cant see myself paying $1200 (cdn) on the upgrade.

i thought i had it selected when i checked out with the table but guess i deselected by accident before checking out.

I guess as this is my first post i should introduce myself

I ive been a welder for 10 years and a welding engineering technologist / welding inspector for 8.

Ive had exposure to tables but generally were industrial tables and had very litte troubleshooting experience with them.

My carrer has been more on the end of helping businesses wiith optimizing tgeir welding processes and doing forensic analysis on materials involved in accidents through the government.

Now im working for myself as a consultant and i have a small fabrication shop where i am the sole employee. I just bought a 2x2 table in july to explore wether tge difference in profit warrants me to buy a full size table.

any help or advice would be awesome. Even alternative solutions to getting set up with thc for less than the 1200 they want would be cool too

Nice to meet you all!


welcome to the forum…there ius a little difficlty trying to decifer your post…
what are you looking at doing…and what did you miss buying in your order?..

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From the look of it, you need to purchase the Z axis upgrade/THC kit for the Gen. 2 Firecontrol box that is in the store for $550.

Was hoping i could just buy the thc module without buying a whole bunch of extra stuff. Like a whole new enclosure and breakout board. (Thought i put thc/zaxis in cart when ordering but didn’t oops lol)

Seems i dont have to after reading the store page a few minutes ago, the person i talked to on the phone may have mis understood what i was looking for.

Even still I would be paying roughly 1100 after taxes and shipping, im thinking ill use it as is for now not really worth the cost at the moment.

Yeah after shipping, taxes and delivery to where im at its like $1100 cdn not too worth it at the moment.

I found the first post a little hard to understand as well.

What exactly are you trying to buy?

The whole setup, as mentioned is $550 for THC and it’s what all of us have to pay; more if you’re outside the US due to exchange rates but I’d expect someone in your area to have paid the same you’re being quoted.

Oh im not complaining, was looking for a less costly work around. Was totally my mistake. Just cant jusify the price on something that hasn’t made enough money to pay itself off yet lol.

after trying to re read that…
Im thinking ive had Wayy too many Monsters today.

Trying to finish a few time critical jobs for a new customer, have 100’ left of 600’ of sanitary piping spools left to make for Monday so gotta keep the Monsters going to keep the sleep away lol.

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Actually found my work around…

$550 cdn for both a raspberry pi cnc controller kit (complete with 3 stepper motors, raspberry pi cnc board, raspberry pi4, power supply, all cables) and a proma thc …

Just ditch the factory controller and run linux cnc, would also end up with some extra steppers and other spare parts. 4 weeks less wait time and $600 cheaper.


Welcome to the forum. Hope this plan works out. If it does, you are making lemonade! Good for you.


Yeah the Langmuir THC doesn’t need to be as pricey as it is considering many of these components are all Chinese parts.

Hell, someone posted replacement parts on Amazon for the stepper motor controls and the sort.

With that said, it’s offering consumers a simple, easy to install feature.

I mean, you should see the Facebook group; there are people that don’t even know what a ZIP folder is or asking about how to handle metal, etc.


I stay away from that facebook place lol, wife does a little business page on there for me… but 90% or more of my customers are from word of mouth. The quality of things coming out of our local fab shops is horrible, pricing is through the roof, and wait times are insane.

I was managing one of the larger shops for the past year, decided to do my own thing after i realized how rare common sense is today lol.

I wanted to take things slow and just do a small setup, but now im doing everything from process pipe for dairy companies to shut downs in sawmills even pucked up a government contract out from under a competitor this week for making billboard sign frames for on the highway. Going to likely end up buying a bigger property and some industrial equipment before winter is over at this rate.


The FB group has some people genuinely needing a guiding hand, and aren’t familiar with forums.

Those are the type many of us enjoy lending help to, or giving them crap for asking something that was stated in the INSTRUCTION MANUAL during assembly :rofl:

Good to hear about the work you’re picking up, especially if local shops are failing people out there. It’s the opposite here; heavily industrial and tons of great fab shops near me.

The benefit? I can take on the small jobs that locals want/need as I too supply parts for smaller shops and many one-off items.

If you’re picking up bigger, better paying jobs then I suggest you look into getting at least a Shop Sabre setup or better.

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Most of what i do is pipe being a former highpressure guy. As far as all my machines they are fronious but the table was more of just something for doing stuff for myself. If i end up getting industrial grade i would likely go zinser as i have used thwir equipment and they are phenomenal.

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Make sure the stepper motor drivers can drive up to 4A as that’s what the Y axis requires. You should be able to reclaim the drivers from your original controller box.

Can you include a link to that kit, I wasn’t aware of a complete turnkey setup.


Its not all in one kit, the thc is a separate buy. And if were building from scratch would need ball screws and nuts… ect but plan on cannibalizing most as many of the crossfire parts as possible.

Raspberry pi. Raspberry Pi CNC Kit

Im a linux nerd and love to use open source systems where i can. Never liked the idea of proprietary software or systems. Not afraid to get down and do programming, as im fairly proficient with python, c++ mostly python from programming systems in the laboratory i worked at during university.

Ok, with the Pi and that Protoneer board you can connect to directly to the Step and Dir pins on your existing stepper drivers. You wouldn’t need the Motors or the small drivers which are too small for the Crossfire.

You could probably use that stepper and driver for the Z Axis, however as that load is very light.

I’m pretty sure you can just run the original Firecontrol board with a universal g code sender. It’s a GRBL control system and you just have to add a driver and stepper motor for the Z axis.

You could use the JD’s garage Z axis and THC system. (Look it up on YouTube)