Have the planes in F 360 changed?

Been using Fusion 360 for about a year and always designed from the “top” plane no problem. but now that does not work, I designed some brackets on the “front” plane but then I could not generate a cut path. I wish they could leave this thing alone as it is hard enough to learn without needing to do it over and over…

It might be as simple as this:

If you share a sample here of the f3d file, a number of people would be willing to help figure out what is happening. If it is something that you would rather not share, mock up an example that is having the same issue. If you follow the link above, the OP was having a new problem and it turned out that during ‘manufacturing’ the X-Z plane was picked when the sketch and body were both in the X-Y plane.

I do agree that for us occasional users, the changes will slip is up. I will also say, with each change Fusion 360 has made, once I finally caught on to how it worked, it turned out to be a ‘helpful’ change.


Thanks for the reply, I deleted my drawing, restarted Fusion and it prompted to update so I did and that seems to have done the trick. Has the menu in the geometry section of cutting changed ? I don’t recall choosing face contours, chain, silhouette Etc. before. I think you were speaking to this in your reply.

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I did not know I could click on the link above and follow it but I did and that answered my questions.Thanks again…

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This demonstration may be more of a review but it goes into more detail of how you could use the body or the sketch during the tool path contour selection.

I am not sure it has changed since June but there are times that if you don’t tell Fusion 360 that you are using the body in the very first tab of the tool path and/or the “model” in the setup, it seems to balk on the selection of the “face contour.” I think it relates to all the different options now available for contour selection, it needs you to be more precise.

If you haven’t done it, the individual contour selection of the body works really slick. Especially when you are picking single line (text and bend lines) which you intend to cut with centerline compensation. As you move across the body, the contours highlight by turning black. Left click and it is selected. @Simsworx showed me that one!


Aside from bug fixes, no changes in the way anything is drawn has changed.

Just wanted to post here and confirm that as I just drew stuff yesterday and cut them out like normal.

Don’t forget the sketch plane (and their associated coordinates) and the manufacturing workspace coordinates are only loosely related…you can change the work coordinates in the “setup” to anything you want.

Love the name of your garage BTW.

To all responders, I want you to know that I really do appreciate all of the replies, It will take me some time to absorb all of it but when I get some time I will do a deep dive. ( this stuff is slow to grasp for me.)

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We definitely understand. If you are anything like me, you will be working on another issue and you will see a solution for a problem you had a few days ago. Then it slips away and eventually comes to you at the time when you need it.

That is my clumsy way of saying “Take a deep breath, stick with it and don’t get frustrated.” It was watching one of TinWhisperers videos on some issue and when he went to “Manufacturing”, I saw something that gave me inspiration. That finally gave me the confidence to stick with it.

It really is an amazing program once you feel like you have some understanding of how Fusion 360 reacts to what you tell it. That comes with time and lots of practice sessions. I believe Tin will tell you, he did not learn what he knows by simply having someone tell him how things work. He has put in a lot of untold hours to get where he is.

The way I watch Tin’s videos is to not expect to see anything that I need to know. This reduces my anxiety of learning. The next thing you know: I picked up two or three things that I did not realize.

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