Has anyone tried the new version of SheetCam?

I opened SheetCam today and got a popup telling me new version is available (from 6.0.30 to 7.0.1) and new ‘support libraries’ (whatever they are) from 2.8.14 to 3.1.4.

Has anyone tried them yet. I generally view updates with a wary eye taking the view, If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

I’ve been running with 7.1.1 amd haven’t noticed any hiccups…

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Thanks, Bill.

Did you download the ‘support libraries’? Do you know what they are? (like are they postprocessors, converters for importing, or what?)

Yeah, I usually just go along with whatever it wants to do…(figuring I can always go back and I’m not a production shop or anything so, wouldn’t cost me in terms of $$ too much)

Not sure what exactly what the libraries contain… Your question prompted me to head over to their forum and see what I can find out… In the process of that now… What else would a guy want to do on a Sunday morning!! LOL

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Let me think…
Oh yeah, research on the web on how to make 3D objects by importing SVGs into FreeCad;
Set up a test piece for a burn on the Laser;
Determine if I should use VCarve on my CNC router or use SheetCam to simply make a router table jig on the CNC router to cut the curved legs for a coffee table.

Other than that, enjoy the camaraderie of the Plasma forum :grinning:


You got it there bud!!

My problem----> I’m no good at watching TV… I read, and I read, and I read!!

I see you over on the Lightburn Forums as well!!


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Playing with it now…I like the shape library stuff…looks like a solid update - I’ve imported a few old jobs and they seem to work great (so far…)


I have not been at the table for a while…so you are saying the latest sheetcam has a built in library now with those basic shapes that you can scale up???


I hate designing those parts…this is going to cut down on my procrastination time…darn

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A high five on your tweet

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definitely more jazzy looking with the added icons and color scheme

That is pretty darned cool. I just updated :star_struck:

Think I spoke too soon. My tool-set seems to have disappeared! :crazy_face:

Thanks for the warning. I’ll back up my toolsets before upgrading.

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Note to all, save your tool set. Advice taken. Will try it later. Hope they didn’t change too much.

Just got a notice to go from 7.0.1 to 7.0.3…they must be doing some quick fixes for some issues on the first update…

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Phew! Good thing we’ve got these early adopters to shake it down for us!

PS: I’m in no hurry to update…

FWIW, in the ‘old days’ the wisdom was never load an ‘odd’ version of VAX on your system. The even version will have all the fixes for the things they broke on the odd version. Maybe it was the other way around… crap, I hate getting old! Good thing I don’t have to update a VAX system!

So… does this mean wait for SheetCam V8.0???

Probably not. Lee and company are not DEC employees…


I got a pop-up this morning advising an update to 7.0.4, I did that and my tool-set is back.


You are making me glad I’m on vacation, and thus having to be very patient before I can upgrade Sheetcam.

I’ll do the upgrade Friday once all the little bugs have hopefully been shaken out. I take it this is the stable release not development?

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Uhhhhhh…where the hell is my tool set, Sheetcam??? :expressionless:

Are you on 7.0.4?