Grizzly metal dust Collector

t28798-34a099768b5ac2f9e80253a7ec805b8cGrizzly has this metal dust collector for 750 plus frieght.I ordered one to see if it helps with the dust in my shop…think it’s a 3 stage filter with 1.5 horse motor.


I was just searching for options to control the dust from grinding and polishing over the weekend. Do these work for grinding and what are you using to catch the dust or grind on?

Its says it helps control the dust from grinding on the website.I plan on building a table with a high rim around it to help catch dross and grinding particles as well…maybe slats for the top with a catch pan under.My shop is 2 years old and its turning brown inside.I want to continue with this hobby but know I need to do things to improve the air quality.

I have a Jet AFS 1000B that works pretty well at keeping the air clean. I got it for $125 like new on Craigslist. It sucks up anything floating around and keeps the small amount of steam/smoke that comes off the Langmiur under control. Heavy dust and particles fall to the floor, it doesn’t really make a difference with the cleanliness of the shop since it’s hung from the ceiling.