Going from 50:1 to RAW. Picture

After using my Crossfire Pro for a while my VIM/THC box has failed (confirmed after diagnosis with Langmuir). I was using the divided 50:1 connection for THC but now I am looking to use RAW. Perhaps it is more reliable.
I will continue to use the CNC port to fire the torch.

For wiring the THC the insides of my plasma are as follows:
The green circle at top of image is the clamp connection. The RAW (+) can be connected there (?)
The purple circle at bottom of image is the torch connector. Do I simply put a ring connector around that thread for my RAW (-) (or is it necessary to tap into the black wires that surround the port?
Thanks for the assistance, hopefully I can give into the forum once I have some experience!

You can connect the positive to the back of the work clamp lug. For the negative, just back that nut off enough to fit a ring connector in there. I cut a ring connector into a “U” shape, so I could slip it under the nut without removing the air line.


Thanks DS690 - I’ll try that

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