Getting continuity between usb shield


So i had to move a week after pretty much getting my xr setup. In the manual it says to check continuity between the ground cover on the usb cable at the control box and the gantry or torch head. I never did check this originally so i dont know if it was open or closed. I had followed directions as far as installation and am not sure where they are getting continuity. I though it was maybe where i added a power strip on the frame, but i removed that and was still getting some continuity. Any thoughts? I havent fired it up yet, but dont think thc was giving me a hard time at all.

I have the CFPro with Hypertherm 45XP. When everything is off I have no connectivity between USB and the table without the computer connected. When everything is on, I have about 3.5 kOhms. My table runs fine so I don’t worry about it.

Do you have any connectivity when everything is off?

I dont. Im gonna try and cut something monday so we will see how it goes. Thanks!