Getting a machine was disconnected message in fire control

I’m attempting my first cut on my Pro and when I start the cut. the torch fires then i get a message on my computer screen that reads “machine was disconnected while running, program was canceled.”

Odd, did the USB wire get knocked loose?

Or your computer went into some update mode or hibernation mode during the cut?

It would sure be nice to have a peek behind the curtain to see what triggers these codes in fire control.

no such event, I unplugged and replugged, and got about a 3/4 inch cut then got that message again.

What plasma cutter are you using? Sounds like high frequency interference interrupting the USB connection.

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primeweld cut 60. I got it to work however, when it got to a certain point in the program, the axis stopped moving but torch stayed firing

had to turn the cutter off manually

BAND SAW PLATE (v2~recovered).f3d (104.9 KB)
this is the file

right where it should make the turn to do the slot, the axis stop but the torch stays on

saw (648 Bytes)
this is the fire control file

is that turn too tight?

Is that cutter on the approved list?

Are you running raw or divided voltage with that machine?

And where is the CNC port located on the back of the Primeweld machine?

not sure about the voltage, just soldered the wire to the adapter that came with the machine. CNC port is at the top right of the back of the machine

yes it is on the list

i got it to work, it just stops at a certain point in the cut

also got this message. i changed the usb cable and the problem continued.

could you look at the files i posted to see if you can spot any issues?

Where is the cutter in relation to the control box? you’re getting electrical interference because it might be too close.

you have the update cut60 but it could still cause interference if its too close to the control box.

also, are you using the usb cable that came with the table?

i moved the cutter to the other side of the table away from the control box. and yes, im using the cable that came with the table

did you install a choke as well on the usb cable?