Getting a machine was disconnected message in fire control

never heard of that, can I get one at best buy?

not sure but if you you can find them on amazon.

these are next day delivery for me.

also don’t have any of your wires/cables coiled or on top of each other, especial the work clamp (ground) cable.

actually, once i looked at it closer, i realized they sent me one. I didnt know what it was for. I put it on…
SUCCESS!!! thank you so much


i actually added them to all my cables just for extra assurance. doesn’t hurt not to.

you are the freakin man brother

@nicaDd great call.

Here’s a screenshot about a ferrite choke that I saved for another topic I’m working on.

It’s about ferrite chokes and how they relate to computer systems on robotic arms.

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Is there any other reason to get this "machine disconnected from computer, besides the following?
Bad USB cable
No ferrite chokes on cable
Bad USB port
I’ve addressed these issues and I’m still getting this fault. Not sure what else I could do.

Bad USB A port in the electronics enclosure?


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