Georgia users demo?

im interested in a crossfire pro…but would like to see one operate and in person before ordering…any Georgia users here willing to do a demo please?

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Look at the Crossfire owners map thread on here. Might find one close If they put themselves on it.

If you swing up to Nashville I will show you my table hahaha.

There are a couple people that I know of from Georgia. All depends on what part your from, I am located about 45 min. South of Atlanta.

I’m near Macon…would love to see it operate if you have time!

That’s fine with me. I’m usually running it on the weekends, just need to nail down a time that works.

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Bam! And the Forum solves another issue, and answers questions… Members are helpful and knowledgable, making it a great place for info and feedback. My Pro has fully arrived and will be assembling it next week. Back surgery slowed me down a bit. Going to be a great starter table. :+1: