Geometry not doing continuous contour

Since the new fusion 360 update I’ve had a problem with not being able to select the whole outer contour of a project…the part is extruded and if I click the whole part it’ll do it but I have small cuts and I need to make separate toolpaths any help is appreciated

Post an example file so we can check some things out apples to apples.

mother of dragons rich.dxf (319.4 KB)

this is the one im having issues with selecting the outer contour

wow I just opened the dxf as it sent to you and it is god awful…it looks nothing like the original one im trying to cut

I Uploaded the file that you attached into my fusion 360 app viewer and a lot of the paths / sketch lines on the outside geometry, no path. If you were to cut it the cutter would follow into the next letter and shut off at the end of the line.

None of the outside sketch lines are continuous paths
As you can see in the photo of the file

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I got it fixed now thank you

Freeman does this mean you figured out the selection issue?
I was seeing the same thing PWCNC saw. The line need to connect completely for them to make a path.
The other thing. Once you extrude your drawing make sure that the sketch is hidden (lightbulb is dark in F360) Sometimes when you try to select outer perimeters it selects some from the extruded body and some from the sketch if it’s on which will cause similar issues.