Generating Tool Paths and Post Process

Im having issue figuring out generating tool paths and post process, ive watched the tutorial and read the post process section. I am using a Macbook just for the fusion 360 part for cad/cam and hopefully export the rest to computer on my XR. Anyone know anywhere else to get some more instruction on this.
thank you in advance.

@ChaseC99 Welcome to the forum.

Click my avatar and there is a link to some fusion videos. If you have a specific project in mind, post it and myself or another member can walk you through it.

how to post a f3D. new members may not have the option to post files till they made 5-10 other posts first.


Welcome to the forum. I will move your topic to the Fusion 360/CAM area of the forum.

Tin gave some great advice:

  1. Review some of the videos that he has created.
  2. Share your f3d file and one of us could more efficiently show you how to create a tool path.

Langmuir also has an introductory series for Fusion 360 that can prove helpful. The more times you see these things, the more it starts making sense.

And you will find initially, you may not have the upload feature but that is turned on within 2 or 3 of your posts on this forum.

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Thank you for the videos and the reply it was very helpful. Im completely confused on which post processor to use from fusions post library, since I’m using a Mac

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That is a bit more complicated. You have to go on this page and it will take you to a link that will go to AutoDesk. (It is about 3/4 of the way down that document before you find the snippet I show. That is why I added the direct link at the bottom of the reply.)

That will help you load the post processor for Mac.
Or you can go straight to the AutoDesk link:

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