G'day from Adelaide, Australia

Hi, my name is Aussie_Ben.

Just placed my order for the CrossFire Pro.

Expecting it will be a while for everything to arrive downunder but looking forward to it!

I live on the outskirts of Adelaide on a few acres, so most of my prospective projects are rurally inclined.

Shoutout to everyone who has uploaded helpful info from Australia - I’ve trawled through the forums and you guys have given me the confidence to get moving with this.



Welcome Ben. My name is Gene Sibley and am from Marcellus, Michigan. I have been running my Pro for about 3 months now and love it. I have been cutting plate up to 3/8" and sheet from 10ga down to 20ga. I received some help involving Fusion 360 from one of the Forum guys. I learned something new. Best of luck to you!

Welcome to the gang! Do a search for crossfire owners map. And feel free to add yourself. You have some neighbors there im sure!. Best of luck and happy cutting.

Ben…if that is your view from your place…then …you are one lucky man…

I know someone from Adelaide…do you know Susan…?..ahahahahahaha

take it from a total noob at the start…this thing is fun.

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It would be perfect if he came back with something like “oh sure, the lady down at the petrol station? Great gal and always a smile and a wink.” :grin:

Oh, you know her too!

Or he comes back with…Yes my daughter , Hang on I dropped the knife i was sharpening.

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That is some pretty country!

Yeah, of course I know Susan (obviously she’s known better as Shaz).
Doesn’t work at the petrol station anymore she’s at the Bottle-o.
I’ll tell her you say hi!


mate…you will fit right in with this group of misfits

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Hi Ben. Good luck with it mate.

I bought one of the original models and have had it for about 2 years now. Lots of playing around with it and has easily become the best tool in my shed. In fact I would go so far as to say I have probably used it more to make ‘special tools’ than anything else. When it gets really cool is when you actually start to instinctively think “I’ll just knock up xyz on my plasma”.

I’m near Geelong over in Vic - but grew up over on the Eyre Peninsula so still very much think of SA as home.

If you’re keen to get in touch let me know and I’m sure we can exchange numbers etc.




G’day Ben! I am a yank but my wife is from Adelaide as well! I just received my crossfire pro and after making an American Flag, I had to of course make her an Aussie one. It is a great machine!

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Thanks Paul,

I know what you mean - I’ve done a fair bit of 3D printing and my default is to use it to solve all manner of problems. Looking forward to having something stronger than plastic thou.

My family live on the Eyre Peninsula (Lincoln & Coffins) one of the best places on the planet!
I may well take up the offer to pick your brains once it arrives given you live in the same time zone!


Awesome - Is her name Shaz too?

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Ha - no. Not that small of a world!

Congrats mate. Better start learning fusion 360 now.

Just ordered my pro as well can’t wait! Bendigo central Victoria aus! Being a machinist I’m hopping I can nut out the plasma quick enough :exploding_head:

Awesome - It will be interesting to hear when another Australian shipment is dispatched, so keep me updated.

It does seem like a steep learning curve doesn’t it? I got my head around 3D printing using Fusion360 pretty quickly so I’m hoping that helps. I’m sure you’ll be up and running in no time!

Hi Aussie_Ben,
I’m based in Adelaide, and recently purchased the Crossfire (Not the Pro though!) I’ve got a Unimig Razorcut 45, and have had some teething issues with the setup which we are working through.
I’d be keen to get in touch to compare notes etc. If you are interested, drop me note and we can go from there.

Hi Ben

I just received my crossfire not going yet how are you with yours I live in Gawler area