Gathering Info On my New Crossfire

I just purchased a new Crossfire from a person who apparently bought and assembled it but never actually used it. It appears brand new, except for the saw dust on it from, I guess, sitting in a wood shop. Unfortunately he lost the manual that came with it, so I am at a disadvantage from the start.
I am trying to figure out how to connect to it. It is an LS22 with a serial number of 11496. From some of the documentation I get the impression that this is an early model, identifying with a “legacy” table, but I do not know for sure. I need to know if I should be using the CrossFire app or the Mach3 app to interface with the controller. I am trying to figure out what controller version, or other specifics that may matter. Currently, the CrossFire app will not connect to it, and I need to know if it should connect before I continue trying to make it work.


Hi Chris and welcome to the forum!! Glad you found it…

Here’s a link to the assembly of the 2’x2’ Crossfire table if you need it. I’m assuming the “LS22” you mention above leads us there…

If it’s an early table without the Z-axis it is most likely to be an early table which uses Mach3 to run the show… Here’s a link to the Mach3 startup page…

ALSO a quick search found this for us… Buying a used machine? - #5 by langmuir-aksel I guess this one really helps spell things out for us…!!

Thanks again for stopping in and hope you get things running quickly!! Any more questions------> Stop back and we’ll get you going!!


Thank you so much for the info. Exactly what I needed, I think. I found that Mach3 is what controller I have based on your link. I will be going through the other links as soon as I finish this post.