G code question again

I have Surfcam CAD CAM. Can I import a G code to the MR-1?

Short answer is, Yes. Any CAM can output toolpaths for a post processor.

The post pressor is what you need to turn those toolpaths into G-code for the MR-1. The MR-1 does not recognize canned cycles and many of the other standard modal codes so a rather custom post processor is required to use straight G code format. Right now CutControl behaves more like a 3d printer than a Mill as far as programming.

So, no peck drilling?

You can peck drill, it just has to be written out line by line rather than a canned cycle. I use peck drilling on most parts I’ve run as they tend to be smaller diameter holes at 3 or 5x deep.

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I do the same thing. 98% of the holes i drill are peck drilled. Usually start with a .005 retract after i get 2x deep, then around 5x is start doing retracts.