G-code motion target exceeds machine travel

I was able to run the spindle break-in program without incident but just trying to get the baseplate surfacing program to do a dry run consistently yields this error.

G-code motion target exceeds machine travel. Machine position safely retained. Alarm may be unlocked.

I hit the clear button and CC almost totally locks up. If I try to rehome it, it goes into infinite “homing” loop in the software, no movement from the motors. From here I have to end task CC in windows.

If I hit soft reset under the machine tab after clearing the alarm it can be rehomed and then the work coordinates can be rezeroed, but then I’m just back where I started.

Googling and Langmuir vids/docs aren’t yielding anything useful.

Order of Ops:

  1. Power up controller and spindle
  2. Power up PC
  3. Start CC
  4. Home machine
  5. Load program
  6. Set WCS zeros
  7. Hit start

Am I missing something obvious?


Are you setting the WCS zeros at machine zero? That’s where the baseplate surfacing program starts from.

There’s another thread on here about this issue, if I remember correct the answer was to shut off soft limits.

Yeah there is an error in the program.
Set your G54 Y zero about .05" below the limit switch and it should roll on through.

This is the solution, which I figured out immediately after posting…of course. Is there a note somewhere to indicate that only the WCS Z-zero should be set?

Thanks everyone!

My guess is you were trying to run the .375" end mill program?

.375 baseplate surfacing issue thread

I just checked by downloading a fresh copy and unfortunately it doesn’t appear that anyone from the Langmuir team ever corrected that surfacing file. It was discussed previously in the thread above.

@langmuir-daniel any chance you guys could take a look and make the changes needed to correct that file download? Might save some support emails.

Here’s a corrected file as well, if it helps:
MR-1_BaseplateSurfacing_0.375EM-2FL-Corrected.nc (13.0 KB)


I believe it is mentioned in the baseplate facing video.

This file doesnt work… CutControl just hangs on checking program.