FYI: Razerweld Hypertherm Torch

Recently I posted in the Mach3 software section regarding issues with cuts being interrupted due to no arc firing.

For those unaware/considering future purchase Razerweld offers a Hypertherm “Style” torch upgrade to their plasma units. This torch is compatible with hypertherm consumables however Razerweld produces their own clone consumables.

The issue with the torch is it comes only with a hypertherm style “drag” deflector. This drag tip actually adds around 1/16-3/32" spacing from the nozzle to the end of the deflector. The idea being you can drag this on the work directly due to how it is designed/vented and it keeps the proper spacing for you.

When used for CNC however, dragging the tip across the surface of the work is not a great idea because any slight deviation could cause the work to catch and shift the material or worse the carriage could catch on the work straining the motors and screws.

The issue I encountered was when using the 1/16" shim, the spacing seems to be too great to properly ignite an arc at some points on the work. This results in letters with missing segments for example.

The solution I found, was to replace the drag tip from razerweld with a hypertherm machine style deflector which exposes the nozzle like most standard torches. Now I am able to get the proper gap and not risk grabbing the work and it appears to have resolved my issue.

For the 45 amp torch, the parts are interchangeable with the Hypertherm PM45 torch.

Fair warning, after speaking with razerweld, they informed me that the warranty is void if using parts from other manufacturers. You cannot buy the razerweld consumables yourself, your retailer needs to order them for you and I was not successful finding them anywhere online.

That said, the electrode, nozzles and swirl ring for the PM45 will also work in the Razerweld torch and is far easier to acquire locally than Razerweld consumables. (which was why i purchased the hypertherm style torch to begin with)

The part numbers are as follows

Hypertherm PM45 Nozzle - 220718
Hypertherm PM45 Deflector - 220717
Hypertherm PM45 Electrodes - 220669

It ran me $80 for 5 nozzles, electrodes and a deflector at my local store.

Hopefully this helps others in the future.

The last photo is the full hypertherm consumable setup. The pointier nozzle is the razerweld brand.

That’s only sometimes true. Manufacturers try to do that to ensure you buy their consumables and generate a continuous revenue stream.

However, in the U.S., the Magnuson-Moss Act says companies cannot require you to use their consumables to maintain a warranty. They can deny warranty coverage only if the aftermarket parts caused the problem you’re seeking warranty support for. That’s why you don’t have to use Toyota oil or brakes on your Corolla.

So Razorweld could deny coverage or support if you have poor cutting performance with someone else’s tips. But if the transformer fails, they’d have to prove the failure was due to the tip to deny coverage.

I’m disappointed that they’re b.s.-ing like that. Every manufacturer knows the M-M Act and how it applies to warranties. It indicates a less than honest company ethic. :slightly_frowning_face:

Good info to know i was not aware of that.

And yes, it is a shame they would say that considering they call it a “hypertherm” style torch.

Don’t use their name and not help me out with consumables… i spent an extra $150 on the torch upgrade as is.

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Glad you got it all figured out.

So to shed some light on it a little.
Vipercut torches are a 30 day warranty. Razorweld torches are a 90 day warranty.

Plasma torches (moreso than mig/tig) can EASILY be damaged by the end user and are often abused. Lots of people will use them as a hammer if they don’t get all the way through the end. Lots of customers have no idea they are to replace consumables. Some people think they just use it and use it and use it and never have to change anything. I wish i saved all the pictures I’ve seen of abused torches. If you run off the torch cable or handle (seen it happen) it won’t survive. The parts in the head are costly. A mig gun on the other hand, all the parts in the head are cheap. Tig torch…only a few parts at most.

If you want to stick with OEM consumables I’m sure the guys at Langmuir can get you them and if not I can get them as well. In the end you will spend more money on consumables for the hypertherm style torch however they are designed to last a LONG time when used correctly (IE correct air flow, moisture, work distance etc)

If you want to get rid of it I have an s45 torch laying around here, we can work out a trade

I’m content now that I know I can buy consumables local.

Its not Razerwelds fault that I used a torch they sell for hand use as a CNC torch.

What disappoints me is they are ok with using the name of Hypertherm but then will refuse to assist you with finding the correct parts unless you buy from them.

It’s a bit sleezy on their end which is a shame because they make a great product with great customer service otherwise.

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