Fusion/cut control help needed

I’m trying to get a toolpath made correctly and struggling. I have my origin point correct and one path runs fine with tool 1. When I try to run the second operation with tool 2 even after a tool set, the spindle runs up to full height and then moves to the start position, then starts to “cut” about an inch above the part. I’m afraid it will cut air forever and not actually ever get to my part at all.
Also Seems like a lot of wasted movement to go to full spindle retract then go right back down. Also in fusion I have my heights all set to where I need them.
I hope I explained it good enough.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Are both of the tool paths in the same setup? If they are not, the - likely - need to be.

If they are, I suspect you have an error in your heights tab on the second toolpath.

I have only had success with different setups and run separate programs for tool changes. When I do change tools…just learned the correct sequence to maintain tool set to part relation…but that’s affordable between program runs. Haven’t had luck running one program with tool changes and same setup.

sounds like a order of operations when setting with the edge finder and tool height. I do it sometimes and thats what happens.