Fusion 360 will not allow intricate cuts

I always have issues with fusion deleting cuts because of linking constraints. Even if I set my leads and pierces to 0. These are files that I get off of fire share that others have cut no problem. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance

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Here is a topic from last week discussing this very issue

If this does not solve your issue please post some context of your issue. Eg. Screenshots, DXF files, parameters of the work and the tooling.

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I checked lead in and out off and turned my pierce clearance to .02 and even zero. They must just be too small. My kerf is set at .057. Using a powermax45 xp.

Welcome to the community. I was and still am having trouble with this issue. I changed my lead in angle to 90 and lead in distance to .040. I also changed my pierce distance to .008 since it adds it to your lead in distance. Sometimes that still doesn’t work and I just have to select what I am cutting and offset it and make it bigger . I am still learning myself. I have crossfire pro and razorweld 45 plasma. I have been cutting 1/8th thick at 30 amps, 50 ipm and 1 sec pierce delay. On 16 gauge I use 27 amps and 80 ipm. My consumables have been lasting a lot longer that way with minimal slay. I hope this helps and again welcome to the forum.

Thank you very much