Fusion 360 uncooperative

Have been attempting to draw out simple projects with the fusion 360 . Find it absolutely horrible. Most windows will not open if I use a procedure it won’t reopen to reproduce it has anyone found a program that operates better and can be adapted to the mr_1 .

You don’t need to use Fusion for CAD and CAM. I like to use Onshape for CAD, and import into Fusion for CAM.

Personally I find modeling in Fusion to be aggravating compared to Onshape and Solidworks, but the CAM environment is almost a separate program and its great. It’s good to know at least how to make small edits and create new sketches if you’re going to use the CAM side.

If you want to abandon Fusion altogether, there is supposedly a post for SW CAM, but I haven’t tried it.


You will have to take a class or watch the thousands of videos on YouTube to Master Fusion. Just bumping around trying to figure it out probably won’t work. Even if you find another less-featured program, you must master it. The MR1 project design is unlike cutting flat stock out on the plasma table. Once you know how it works, the design world is not much better. If you want to use another program, Solidworks would be my pick. Be aware it is expensive.


Solidworks is my go to for CAD design. Years of experience with the software helps, but the workflow is much better than others in my opinion.
If it’s something fairly simple I will whip it up in Fusion360, but it feels way more clunky as far as drawing the geometry and constraining features. It is capable of drawing the same things as SW, but just feels like it takes much longer.


Thanks for the feedback been reading books watching YouTube and just banging at it All My projects are simple like three holes in a piece of plate . I format a hole and attempt to do it again then windows won’t open . Grid for layout disappears . Won’t except dimensions almost frustrating . But thanks

I know that this is not free. But, this guy is a born teacher. These classes will get you going fast. Good luck pal.

The best $150 you will spend.


Thank you I will take a look . Do you know if it is possible to have someone do all the cad cam layout and then just import it into the mr-1 and run the parts .

Yes, that’s called hiring a machinist :slight_smile:

You can find remote cnc programmers a few ways. I’ve done some remote contract programming before, and it’s not real cheap. The company I worked through charged 50$ per hour for CAD and programming. I didn’t make that much, of course, but some projects got pretty pricey.
It’s a good time investment to learn how to do both ends of the programming and designing. You’ll save a ton in the long run, and maybe find yourself booking some side work as well.

Also, I wouldn’t want to pay a remote programmer to work up something, knowing the MR1 has its limitations. They would likely aim toward tool manufacturers suggest chip loads, step over and depth of cut, etc, which these machines often can’t hit. I have a feeling you’d find yourself having to modify programs to work with the machine’s capabilities and in turn losing more time, and time is money. Just my two cents.

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Thanks for all the feedback from everyone . I have 3 machine shops working for me now they can’t keep up we have lost our way in this country . I have taken big daddy’s advice and bought the courses . I will figure it out .


throw the fusion 360 away ASAP…nothing but agrivation (IMO anyway) …we went to QCAD which is a very simple 2D drawing program…period…will generate your .dxf files, they need to get processed in SheetCAM which is fairly easy to master…agn a 2D program…it will turn your .dxf file into the .tap files you need to run Firecontrol…Firecontrol is also fairly easy to use…

happy cutting
Mike K1FNX near Boston

He is isnt cutting anything, he using an MR-1 CNC mill. That being the case, he likely needs the 3d capabilities fusion provides. Qcad and sheetcam wouldn’t help him much.


For those of you struggling with CAM. CloudNC has an extension for all the big name Cam softwares. It will consider your setup and specified tool library and give you the most optimized toolpaths with the given tools. it’s taken my 90-minute cam setups down to a few minutes and gets you 90%-95% to a finished part.


It looks very interesting. How much? I hate to click on this and have my email and phone blow up😫

Free for 14 days and no cc for signup. $61 a month after that. 110% worth it imo

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I’m starting to love fusion 360. You aren’t going to find a free cad/cam program with more capability anywhere. You’ll never outgrow it. But with that capability comes complexity. Be patient and you’ll be well rewarded.

I started learning it here: https://youtu.be/y5tp4QXciK4?si=dS_ERhIyl5JAoqQt


Shoot me a drawing and I’ll take a look. Are you looking for finished G code and some setup instructions?

Hello Dre , I do have a drawing , I do not know how to send it to you here is my email wsly_ bshp @yahoo.com I would like to find someone that could put it together on a thumb drive so I could load it into the Mr-1 .

Thanks wes

as you already know, I’ve responded to your request/email(s) :slightly_smiling_face:

I use Fusion 360 for CAD and CAM. I am available to produce cut ready files for the MR-1 or the Crossfire if interested. My email is weldtec765@gmail.com