Fusion 360 trial or limited?

Could someone explain what exactly comes with the crossfire 23” table ? I downloaded Fusion 360’and it tells me it’s very limited, up to 10 files then it goes into read only mode. Another thread I read said it’s a fully functional version up to 550 gcode lines

Do y’all end up subscribing to the monthly fee to use this with your table?

Also will Solidworks work on this machine?

As far as Fusion Personal use goes, The 10 file limit is the number of files you can keep in editable mode. After you’re done with the file, change it to Read-Only and the used slot is cleared. As far as I can remember, there are no G-code length / size limitations. There are some differences, but nothing that should stop you from generating valid G-code.

I ended up subscribing, primarily due to the fact that I use Fusion for 3D design and drawings.


I use the Hobby/Personal edition of Fusion. There are a few features that you will not have but most things have a “work around” that take a few extra steps or are not as efficient as the paid version.

If you are making more than $1000 per year on the designs you make in Fusion 360 or are doing some very involved builds with lots of components all interacting on the same project file, you will want the Professional version. Otherwise, you will be fine with the Hobby/Personal version. You can upgrade or downgrade as you find your needs change.

That question is worded wrong. No CAD program per se, “works” on the Langmuir table/machine. You need to understand the workflow:

  1. You get a design (from any program that can make an SVG (vector graphic file) or a DXF file.
  2. That vector file is translated into g-code (machine language that the table understands) by either SheetCAM or Fusion 360.
  3. You send the g-code file to FireControl…that runs the table.

Fusion 360 does not interact with your cutting table. Only Firecontrol does. So it doesn’t
matter whether you have a paid subscription or the non-commercial (free) version.

As to the differences, Sinsworx pointed out the 10 Editable file limit. Based on your apparent newness to this endeavor, I’d say you are good with the free subscription. I’ve been designing and cutting signs (100s at this point) for over a year and still use the free version. If you are going to jump right into complex, 3D designs, get the paid subscription.

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Sorry, yes I meant does Solidworks have the manufacturing option to set the cut directions like Fusion has. I would think so. But yea being able to design in any program would work.

Thanks for the clarification. Sometimes this online documentation is not very clear.

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Solid works does have a CAM component… but currently there are only post processors available for Fusion 360 and sheetCam for FireControl. If you have the skill and the time, you could write your own post processor for SolidWorks Cam.


Having used Solidworks for a while prior to switching to Inventor, I suspect that Solidworks manufacturing can select profiles and cut directions. The big issue is that there is not a post processor for FireControl in Solidworks to generate valid G-code.

A quick Google for FireControl Solidworks post processor shows that a number of people have attempted to create a working solution, but there are no signs that anyone has - as of yet.


I have been using the free version for over two years and haven’t had any issues. It would be nice having the arrange feature (nesting) and the additional file types that the paid version allows. As pointed out above there are workarounds.

The claim that the table comes with Fusion 360 is a bit misleading. Anyone can download and use the free personal use version of Fusion. You don’t get anything different by purchasing the table.

Fusion is great, if you want to use it.

Lots of people choose to use other design programs for various reasons. I use FreeCAD and Inkscape for design, because I was already familiar with using them for other purposes. I purchased a Sheetcam license and use that for CAM and post processing.


The paid version does not have nesting, as I found out when I subscribed. its a add on and the cost is more per month then fusion is


I used SigmaNest and Hypertherm’s ProNest for a while but way to expensive.
I started searching for alternative nesting software and found a free applications that really works.
Try Deepnest https://deepnest.io/ (I use this on my machine and its 100% clean and free.)

The same guy wrote SVGnest https://svgnest.com/
Gethub is here GitHub - Jack000/SVGnest: An open source vector nesting tool

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If the discussion is following down the nesting rabbit hole, a simple search on here will take you there. Including discussions about deepest

I guess I am asking @PC-PlasmaCut, do you feel you have a direction to go? In regards to Fusion 360?

I for one will not be using the search function every time I have useful knowledge to pass on or offer. Especially just to see if it has been posted or discussed before. Nesting was brought up within this Fusion 360 discussion. Far from a “Rabbit Hole,” Don’t be that guy. Even if you think you are helping… You’re not. It discourages future replies, gained information and stifles discussion. That kind of pretentious response is what you see on Practical Machinist and the like.

This is a discussion forum and you shouldn’t get so wound up if the content doesn’t strictly adhere to the subject title. People like to read, learn and interact. That may even involve discussing other subject matter that doesn’t exactly match the title of the thread. I’ve been moderating and administrating forums since the 90’s. Sending people to the search engine should only be used as a direction for more information. Not to stop a discussion. Especially when it’s relevant to a decision making process and discussing options.

Sorry for the rant but seriously, don’t be that guy. It’s negative. Especially when people are reaching out and having a discussion. It’s alright to bounce between the lanes. You’ll still get to where your going and you may learn something in your travels.

I agree. Discussions are great and I enjoy it as much as you. I enjoy the extra information.

I was merely trying to see if the OP was getting his questions answered. I did not see anywhere that he was concerned about the nesting function.

I suppose the parts could be designed in Solidworks, saved then opened in Fusion to prepare for manufacturing. Might save some time learning a new program. Although Fusion seems pretty similar to SW.

:grinning: yes the discussion is great. I’ll check out that nesting function. Great forum and people!! Can’t wait to get this table going!

I really appreciate the responses and knowledge!

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All good. @ ChelanJim
When I see people point to the search it does rub me wrong. I want to see the interaction. It’s amazing what comes out of a conversation when people dive in and try to help.

@PC-PlasmaCut I wouldn’t be looking at any expensive software. With your Plasma machine you are working in 2D.
I bought my wife the Gen. 1 machine when they first came out. Back then it was Mach 3 and SheetCAM.

She does all her drawings with TinkerCAD Free. https://www.tinkercad.com/
TinkerCAD will produce an SVG file. Additionally you can send your files to Fusion 360 from TinkerCAD to create the g-code. Send Your Tinkercad Design to Fusion 360 | Tinkercad.

Basically, for CNC Plasma cutting you don’t need to pay for any software.
Use TinkerCAD to draw (or Fusion 360… There’s a lot of good free software out there) .
Use free version of Fusion 360 to generate the g-code.
Use Fire Control to cut.

If you want to learn Fusion 360 at your own pace for free. Fusion 360 Help
I would suggest you use Fusion 360 because its so widely used. You can get help a lot quicker and people are sharing tested files ready to go.

Fusion 360 is not for everyone. There are other options. Let me know and I can help.


And it rubs me wrong, when people come in here after making no effort what so ever to find a anwser to there problem, that may have been answered 100 times. That’s when I send them to the search function.
What do you do in the situation?

Remember everyone has a opinion and I think its bad when people don’t make any effort to figure things out. I want them to learn not just come get their answer and their gone till they have their next problem.

Does that make sense?


To what extent do you think is enough searching? Fo instance say it is a f360 problem. They come here do a search no answer. Is it ok to ask? Do we ask if they went to Autodesk first?