Fusion 360 trial or limited?

Well lets say any effort at all. I will be the first to admit that the search function here is poor at best. That’s why I would like to see some way to rate posts. So the ones that make most sense and contain the best info would be at the top of the list.

I just want to see people make some effort not just come in here and post a question that goes like this.

I just got my table and it wont work and I have a lot of things i need to cut I need help


I am not complaining I do agree the best way to learn is to search for yourself. I do agree with @Warforged completely.
The way I see it I understand sometimes people’s emotions get in the way and they panic. We should promote doing searches. One thing I have noticed over the years some people could have gotten a kinder do a search yourself suggtion from the battle axe (aka the mother in law :rofl:)
Some people are wired differently you can explain something to one person and another can’t understand. Having the same issue discussed multiple ways is ok also.
Then I do think it is a good idea to tell people that there could be a wealth of knowledge on sheetcams website and Autodesk as well.


I never thought you were, why would you think that?

As far as what?

and that could be but
First I want to say my response was not directed at the OP of this thread. him asking for help was fine in my book.

Ok here is my take

I am old enough and have worked with enough people that some people will suck the life right out of you if you let them.

Do you think was response was unkind? If this hurt anyone’s feelings that’s on them, and they need help.

Do you think this was unkind?

I think if I was brand new in here, I would not come in and start telling a guy that has probably posted more help then just about anyone in here, what I think he should do.

This does not really matter does it? Does this mean you know how every forum should run? I don’t think so.

We just had another guy in here a few weeks ago that said the same thing and he got booted.

I am not going to say anymore about this as I have said all I have to say.
And please don’t be sorry.

PS I just want to say I have never ever seen a forum that has more people giving help then this one, and Jim I swear sits and watches everyday waiting to help people and if he gets labeled as “Dont be that Guy” Then this forum is going in the wrong direction!


I just wanted to clarify I wasn’t complaining not thinking that was your thoughts. I took what @Warforged said as sending people to do searches off the bat maybe I read through that.

9 out of 10 people not in your close circle will suck the life out of you.

I never said anything @ChelanJim was unkind. Now his wife my say otherwise.

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I think we are all good here. I am good with @Warforged follow up comment and feel that third message cleared things up for me.

I have not been around here that long but long enough that I see numerous discussions that center around the same questions. About a year ago, there was a very robust conversations about “dry air”, which is a very important consideration with the plasma CNC operation. That particular discussion included a dozen participants all with valid input. There is no “one shoe fits everyone” with any discussion and it did not end with a solution but gave the reader options to consider and why.

To my dismay, less than a week later, another similar topic started yet again, talking about how to get “dry air.” There was obvious fatigue that sets in and only a few members, that were involved in the previous topic, even gave their input. The information was less informative and probably left the OP with the feeling: “Well that was a waste of time.”

Many of us have given input as to how to focus discussions so they can be robust and full of information. Perhaps there is no perfect solution and the cards will fall where they fall.

One of my favorite sayings is “Things happen for a reason.” Perhaps this discussion was meant to veer toward nesting.

Nobody’s input has less value than anyone else on this forum. But to care and be passionate about our craft and the learning should be our goal. With passion comes clashes at times. As long as no one means malice, it is okay and often fruitful.


For the record, on previous posts I was going to make, as I was typing the subject line, the Forum provided me other threads which actually contained the answer, therefore there was no need for me to create a new thread. (so it worked well). I think when a user is in a thread, bringing up other topics related are fine. As others have said, this is how we (the users) find the tips and tricks that may not ever get a thread. I don’t even know what “nested” means as it relates to CNC/Modeling, so for me as a user, I would have never looked that up, unless someone had mentioned it. It builds on knowledge as you go!

Again, thanks for everyone’s contribution. I’ve learned so much just in this thread alone. Still waiting for the table :slight_smile:


Please don’t take this wrong. I’m not a new guy or new to the forum… Just a new name. I signed up when this forum first started. I did it for my wife when I bought her a 2’x2’ machine back when they first came out years ago.
I joined under my user name because I just bought an MR-1 and a Titan 25T for myself.

I do agree on using the search function to find an issue. That’s exactly what its for. Don’t send someone to the search because you feel the discussion is not sticking to the subject within the thread. That stifles the learning process. 90% of the time the content within the thread is still relevant to the actual subject matter.

As a moderator, understanding the consequences to that action actually does matter. You may not see it but, it does set a tone for new user’s trying to learn. It doesn’t make me better than the next user.
It just means my views are different when it comes to posting.

I believe @ ChelanJim and I understand each other. I don’t think he was being unkind. I voiced my opinion. I’m well aware of his contributions.
Just because I’m under a new user name or even if I was brand new to the forum, does that mean I cant say what I feel is wrong?

I didn’t loose any respect for @ ChelanJim because he deferred the conversation. I just didn’t want him to be “that guy” who does that. Period.
The response was to me and I voiced my opinion back to him along with why I disagreed.

I have expressed my reasons and you can express yours. That’s what open discussion is about.
My current post count or sign up date does not dictate what I can and cant say on this forum. That’s ridiculous.
In time you will see I’m a contributor and I value the spread of positive information.

Well said. The thing is we all have to look at is just because a thread doesn’t seem productive to one doesn’t mean it isn’t to another. So I may read two threads on the same topic and understand one and not the other.

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