Fusion 360 RazorWeld45 Tool Library

I’m new to cnc plasma however I do have experience with using hand held plasma. I have Cross Fire Pro with RazorWeld Cut 45 and machine torch. Also using Fusion 360 for my cad/cam. I’m still learning and trying to refine my process. So far I have cut about a dozen parts/designs using various thickness mild steel. Still trying to dial things in. I’ve been feeding the RW plasm 75 psi dry air. My understanding is the RW will internally regulate the air pressure accordingly. I’ve only been adjusting the amperage/power setting according to my metal thickness. So far everything seems to be working as expected. All that being said I was looking a little closer in Fusion 360 at the Tool Library setup. I noticed under the cutter data tab is a process inputs section. It has “cut power” setting and air “pressure” setting. Am I supposed to be making these changes there and running the plasma maxed out rather than manually adjusting power at the plasma and letting the plasma internal regulator do the air? I’m confused. Can anyone give me a hand sorting this out? I took a screen shot of the area in F360 I’m referring to. I’m not certain how to attach the photo to this. If someone can tell me I will add it. Thanks in advance for help.

Ok. Got my son to show me how to post a photo.

I looked in other threads on this forum for answers to my question but struck out. If this has already been covered someone please direct me to that thread. Thanks.

Ok I will answer a couple questions.
Air pressure is controlled by a regulator inside the RW, if you want to change it you will need to take the cover off.
Most people turn the regulator on the inside all the way up and add another regulator upstream of the plasma cutter or to the rear of it. I guess you just move the one from the inside to to the outside so you can get it.
At some point you will need to adjust air and having it inside is useless.

Amps are set on the machine.

The amps and air settings in fusion are there so you know, when looking back what you choose for that set up.

You can store different tools (plasma cutters) in fusion with different settings so you don’t have to enter them manually every time.

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I understand now. Thanks you.