Fusion 360 Post process to CutContrl

When I go to post my part, it shows the machine as Langmuir MR-1, but the post is showing FireControl…how do I get CutControl as a Post option?

Did you download the cut control post file (cutcontrol_v1.0.cps) from the Langmuir site?
What software are you using to create your g-code?

Using Fusion

Understood, You are using Fusion 360 but the question is are you sure you downloaded (and are using) the correct post processor?

Langmuir has a Fusion 360 post processor for CutControl and one for FireControl. For the MR-1 you need to be using the CutControl Post.

I keep getting an Adobe error that a .cps file can’t be opened. Work around??

You wont be able to open the file in Adobe. Once you download the file you need to move it to the Fusion 360 post file folder. You should be able to access Fusion 360 folder by going to Users>(your name)>Appdata>Roaming>Autodesk>Fusion360 Cam>Posts. Once you move the file to this location you should be able to choose it from the post processer menu when posting your g-code.

Thanks motorcar - got it to work!