Fusion 360 not cutting all selected cuts (SOLVED)

So I’m trying to cut this out on fusion just for practice.

But for some reason the arches in the center of the work piece are sporadic are best.

Sometimes it only cuts the single left edge of some, then 50% of some others and some it does the entire thing.

Doesn’t matter if I select all, a few or one. Again sometimes it cuts the entire thing, so I know it’s possible. Other times it cuts one edge or skips it completely. Other times it only cuts to top arch or a corner and moves on.

What gives, what’s going on? Why sont it cut this?

Arch tabs are 3/4 wide with a .25 radius on top. But again why does it do it sometimes and other times only one line?

Export and post your f3d file and, I’m sure, someone will look at it.

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F3d attached below.

Shelf.f3d (240.7 KB)

Each line was selected as 5 induvial line segments instead of a single open contour.

Sideway compensation was set to left instead of center.

Left Sideway compensation is used for closed standard contours (closed shapes)

Center Sideway compensation is used for open contours (lines)

Also when cutting line you want NO lead ins outs or pierce clearances.

I changed a few things around in your file to reflect the workflow I prefer.

Shelf tin mod v1.f3d (396.6 KB)

check out this video that walks through the workflow of single line cutting in fusion

check out the workflow and get back to us with any other questions


Sorry I thought I replied to this a while ago.

Yea that worked! Thank you!

Got the same answer on fusion forum. I tried using that function but was using it wrong. I didn’t select the end point but the next section.

Again worked perfectly. Thank you!

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