Fusion 360 limited speed

Hi guys I do not know if anyone has come across this but I went to make a part in fusion 360 and when I did the post processor on the mr1 came up with a warning fusion 360 will limit the speed at what your machine cuts at with feeds and speeds if you do not have a commercial license. They want you to pay a subscription in order to use your mr1 at full speed has anyone else come across this I was just test cutting some parts in wood tell me what you think and how do you get around this

If I recall, it just limits the rapids to the same speed as the cutting.

I only wish that was so the same program was run in the next machine was someone who has a full subscription for free years and said the part would take 2 hours and 14 minutes to cut it took 4 hours and 34 minutes to cut then we loaded the same in another mr1 to see if it would make a difference and it was totally different that was way closer to the time that it shows on your screen over what the cut time really was so it’s a bit more limit than you think if you have a free subscription you do not get all of what you’re meant to get all the speed

TinWhisperer would have an answer for you on Fusion, he is on plasma forum.

Fusion did take the control of rapids away from free users. Their logic is that if someone is requiring that kind of efficiency then they are in a commercial setting and should purchase a license.

" * Rapid moves: Rapid moves traverse long distances across large machines at significantly faster speeds than the cut feedrate. Higher end machines typically have longer distances to travel and faster rapid speeds, making this feature valuable to those in a commercial setting but unnecessary for personal use."

This article goes into the rapid speed being removed and why.


Post your f3d I have seen some workarounds for basic programs.


Okay I understand what you are saying but at the same time you purchase a machine in order so you can use it how do I known this I might not have got there my one but still fusion have control on whatever machine you have if you do not have a commercial license. As I’m a commercial Machinist I didn’t expect to have somebody control my machine for my own personal use so I may as well have bought a small router if I was going to do this and run Mac 3 . The smartest one they have with a license is $70 a month and if you’re not using this unit like that why would you pay that you are being trapped into a corner in order just to make your own parts for your play toys I tried to call fusion and you cannot talk to anyone in customer service so this is a brick wall which will force you to take ownership of something that you’re not going to always use

Your other option is to manually edit your G-code, and replace the G1 moves with G0 at “only” the rapid move locations.

It is looking like they have me by the nuts on this one so the only way I see around this is to start selling the parts I make for my play toys to other racers to cover that cost .I make my own parts for the race bike so I have a leg up on the next man

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You cannot be the best if you have to share your parts and you will know how with other races the only way to stay on top is to do your thing in secret

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Or deal with the slower rapid speeds

Or manual edit the G code

Then you can keep your edge without spending 300$ a year.

If your only building a couple of these parts for personal use what is the issue with the longer run time?

You could use Mastercam or Soildworks too so i am not sure how Fusion 360 or Langmuir has you by the nuts over Fusion s reduced rapid speed?

I think it is amazing that Fusion even has a Personal license that people can use for free.


Aside from everything offered already, it is important to note that fusion time estimations suck regardless of license.

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MasterCam licenses are uber expensive. Same with SW Cam. Fusion is the best option for a small business, home based hobby guy/gal.


I agree 100%

I believe Fusion 360 is the future of all CAD/CAM and product delovopment/manufacturing.

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It should be noted that Fusion360 and the MR1 are made by two separate companies and though you paid a reasonable sum of money to Langmuir, it isn’t reasonable to expect that Autodesk owes you anything because you did.


This. We all have to learn the tool chain and we all start out ignorant, yet it always amazes me how much folks have invested in hardware, then blame the tool chain for their ignorance of the necessity of the tool chain and what each tool does.

Questions are fine, it is the “blame” thing that drives me nuts.

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I think with a little searching you can find a utility to modify your g-code quickly. This one comes up from a search: GitHub - RootCNC/Root_Rapidise: Add Rapid movement back into the Gcode from Fusion 360 when tool is above certain height

I agree with the other comments that Autodesk offering a free version at all is pretty awesome. Even if you choose to pay for a license they frequently discount and it’s still reasonable.