Fusion 360. Image to DXF

Is it possible to upload an image file into fusion 360 and then convert it to a DXF?
A customer wants a metal sign for his company logo and I am having issues turning it into a DXF or editing it on fusion 360.
It is a complex logo that will need some editing before cut.
Has anyone ever attempted this?

As far as I know Fusion 360 doesn’t have any native traced a bitmap ability.

I like to use.

To perform that task. And then I’ll import the DXF or SVG I created out of that image. (I prefer image to SVG)

It really depends on what type of image it is if it doesn’t have really high contrast with a limited amount of colors your best next option is to use the canvas tool in Fusion 360 and hand draw the design over top of it.

Here’s a video with a simple image using the browser-based converter I linked above

Here’s another one that’s way more complicated but there’s no narration in this video and I should have clipped it off at 38 minutes

There is also a second video to this one where it shows taking that and making it a multi-layered sign.


@SinkingCreekFab If you post the image I could use it as an example and run through a video on how to accomplish that task.


I can also make a video on how I do the same thing with Inkscape if you post the image. When you talk about complex logos you might get into multi layers but i can break it apart in fusion after getting the SVG file created. You want a good flat picture without a lot of background lines if possible. I might not have time to do my video until tomorrow afternoon but can be used for others in future.


Your video gives me more insight on how to look at the project in a “top down” approach. That helps me to see the progression toward components. Nicely done!

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Galaxy quest with such a good movie. There is several good Sci-Fi comedy movies that came out of that era.

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