Multiple designs cut at once

I know I am probably over thinking this, but how are y’all importing multiple designs that you have created, nesting them and post processing them on one cut file? Or are you just loading each NC file individually and re-zeroing the machine to nest them that way? trying to be a little more efficient and make things go a touch quicker.


Are you talking about nesting individual separate pieces in one job or are you talking about adding many design elements to one piece? Are you using fusion or sheetcam to generate you tool paths. Are you making a lot of the same pet or several different parts?

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I’m talking about taking several separate files from fusion, and nesting them into one NC file. Say, I get 4 orders of this sign, and 7 orders of that other sign, and 2 personalized monograms or whatever, going through my already made designs, choosing the ones I want, nesting them on a single sheet of 4x8 or whatever I have, and creating a single NC file for the machine to cut all at once instead of picking the sign I want, re zeroing the origin, cutting it, reloading another nc file, zero, cut, load, zero, cut. It just seems really inefficient. As efficient as fusion is in almost everything else, I just can’t see them dropping the ball on this one.

In fusion 360 their nesting function is called arrange.

here are the steps to access and use it.

Almost every cut i do is fully nested .


Since Ive moved jobs, I lost the license to fusion, and will need to bring in some money before I can purchase the license. Granted I only really ever used it for CAM, it was still nice to pay nothing for the license. I went through the add ins section of fusion and found a fuse nest 2d nesting feature that worked about as good as the Arrange feature on the free version. (it doesnt :rofl:) would just sit and calculate for hours on end with no solution ever showing up. ( I have a very high end gaming computer that I design on so its not a HP thing, Fusion rarely ever has a studder) Ive been having issues with deepnest bringing in DXF’s that was equally as irritating so I scrapped that Idea as well. I would pull in multiple DXF’s only to have half of them be correct, and the other half be a jumbled mess. As such, after some reading and a youtube video or two, I figured out you can just drag designs from the data panel onto the current sketch and manually nest them which for my needs works ok. Thanks for the help Gents!

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