Fusion 2240 or Koolmist 77

Which one would be better? Does anyone have any time with Kool mist as a flood coolant? I’ve seen fusion 2240 suggested several times on the forum.

I use koolmist on my bridgeport and it works well. On my MR1 I use Fusion 2240.
I know for fact that the 2240 does not mess with the aluminum base plate. No staining what so ever.
I go with the Fusion just for that fact.

I have used both. I would strongly suggest 2440 works great

I’ve been running 2240 because of the suggestions here. I couldn’t be happier.
It doesn’t stink as bad as some others and doesn’t etch aluminum or rust steels.

Fusion 2240 it is. Thanks Guys!

Not trying to micro manage the coolant thing but was wondering what people with experience use as the mix ratio. MFG says 5-10%. That is actually a pretty wide range. Does it work just as well at 5 as it does at 10? I would like to have the best finish possible on the finished part.


Mix mine @ 7%. Like you, I thought the same thing. Works great @7%

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Perfect. You’re the man.