Framed base and shelf

Hello, been reading and saw sometimes casters can cause legs to move out of square.

I was thinking of making frame from anglr iron, casters on underside. Then pro sits on top of angle iron. So legs arent taking stress of the movement.

I also plan to put a shelf on it for when I drain and filter table water.

Should i let pro just sit on frame, or use holes on legs and bolt bottom of legs to angle iron?

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Yes. The overriding opinion is that the shelf attached to the legs may be part of the culprit, in some set-ups of causing the table to move out of square.

One would think if a shelf, that is perfectly square, could be attached in a perfect union to the legs without causing any strains. The shelf would serve to keep the table square if everything goes perfect. The ā€˜ifsā€™ are where the issue falls. Since it is highly unlikely that you can attach the shelf without causing some oblique stress then many say donā€™t attach to the legs.

I am of the opinion, but no proof, that if the legs were stabilized more before adding the shelf then it could be possible.

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so I am proofā€¦adding a shelf between the legs is not a good thingā€¦putting wheels on the legs without some support is also a bad thingā€¦my table went out of square by 3/16 along the 48" X axisā€¦and I attribute it all to the shelf I put.

here is an example of stress you up on a table legā€¦take a 4ā€™ levelā€¦12" from one end and place a simple toothpick under the levelā€¦now press down on the end that is 12" from the toothpickā€¦watch how far the other end goes upā€¦

so even though there are gussets and bolts the little bit of stress from something 1/8" out puts a whole bunch of forced movement on the other end.
Add into this the small shakes and vibrationā€¦it will loosen upā€¦some of my gusset screws had actually started to come loose from this.

I also found the wheels from Mcmaster fantasticā€¦but a real pain to level and to adjust.

so after going through all the effort of tearing apart the table to re-square it I modified my shelf to make it a rolling platform on wheelsā€¦and the table sits on the rolling platform.

to solve the level issue I rigged up some 3/4" threaded rod with a nut welded on top that I put my air gun to and turn the rod down to lift the whole platform up off the wheelsā€¦I can level the whole thing in seconds and from a standing position nearlyā€¦

And with the 3/4" rods as legs it makes the whole thing solid and stableā€¦