Forum Update December 2023 - Additional Filetype Support

Hey everyone,

We’re excited to announce that we’ve expanded the supported filetypes on the Forum. You can now upload .igs, .step, and .stp files.

While the Forum was initially conceived with plasma cutting in mind, we and our community have been expanding to other forms of design and fabrication, both 2D and 3D. Our goal with these additions is to help the community share CAD files of all types.

If you encounter any issues or have questions, please let us know here!



That’s great. As Fortune would have it I picked up a 3D printer this week.

Are you planning on adding these file extensions to FireShare?

Also a little off topic but is plans on making FireShare so posters of projects can update their posts?

This file extension add-on is perfect timing @DonP and I were talking about a new topic which encourages people to design projects with both plasma cut, bent and 3D printed parts.


To Tin’s point, any plans to include any Mesh file formats (ply, stl, obj)?

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