Flower from fireshare HELP?

Cant seem to extract and turn this into a DXF HELP ?? Its from fireshare ??

It’s a picture (.jpg) that is not cuttable. It will need to be converted to an SVG and brought into fusion or sheetcam or some way of creating the g-code. The poster has a google drive link in the comments but it requires permission. I requested it, we’ll see.

It looks like when they posted that to fire share they did not include a dxf.
In the comments there is a link for the fusion file.

I’ve cut out this early a few times before I have the dxf somewhere, I’ll dig it up when I get back to the computer.

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Here’s a dxf and a tap for that flower. It doesn’t look like it’s letting me upload the tap even though I changed the extension. The file you see there is not my file.

flower (1).dxf (126.9 KB)
strut brace for ryan.tap (65 Bytes)

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