Flood Coolant Issue

Had relayed the flood Coolant in cut control and it has worked fine until now. When a program tries to start it…it clicks, green light comes on for split second, shuts off and cut control shades out with no error. Can’t get out of it without shutting down cut control. Checked the signal and it’s 4.9 volts. Removed the relay/plug box and put a 5v power supply on it…and volt meter shows it turns on and off as it should…and maintains 5volts. Now I’m thinking there is something wrong/ weird with the signal coming out of the control box. I unplugged from relay/plug box and can turn off and on the coolant in cut control without issue. 4.9 signal stays on (coolant pump not connected). Pos/neg have checked good as well. Maybe the coolant pump is now loading it up too much? When I plug pump into reg 120. and manually operate it… works fine.

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Can you check voltage across the input with the whole system enabled? It could be that the switch box is drawing more current than the CutControl board can provide.

Stupid me! Didn’t realize there is a normally on but shuts off when a signal is sent. I thought the on’s were always on…only the normally off turns on. I moved stuff around and plugged the control box into the normally on…and then it switched off every time it tried to turn the coolant on. It was committing suicide…lol. One of those moments you realize your human. Even shows the switched plug in the photo.