First test settings?

I just need to connect limit switches, THC and will be ready to test. I’m looking for the initial settings and getting started info or video. I’m looking for something that gives you all the buttons to set on X45 and how to do the first test. I guess I’m not looking in the right place. I have some a36 1/8 and 1/4 to try to make some cuts. Any tips on a first test ?

What are you using for CAD/CAM?

There is also Fireshare (link in the main site) where you can download files to cut. Some are cut ready, some you will need CAD/CAM software like Sheetcam or Fusion 360.

What ever you pick, make it very simple. DO NOT PICK A COMPLEX DESIGN, especially if it needs the CAD/CAM software to make it cut.

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I use fusion. Cad Files and gcode are easy I’m trying to see if there is some are initial test settings or protocol to start dialing in speeds and amperage for different methods. Like in a laser you do a ramp test to find the best focal length. Then you experiment with speeds and wattage to find your best cut. I don’t see anything yet on “here’s what you need to dial in first”

Make a 2" square and a 1" circle inside said square. That will give you straight cuts, curves, and dimensional accuracy.

You are doing the same with this.

Set your speeds according to the cutters recommended settings - Verify your cut height is at .06 with feeler gauges (stop the cut during the program run and measure).

Straight line cuts of 3" won’t waste as much material if checking amps and speed. Cut height will remain constant at the .06. Gotta get that cut height set first. No point in checking feed and speed if you don’t have the cut height correct.

Other things you can check with the 2" square, lead in & lead out angle and distance, feed optimization for corners and curves.

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Thanks that’s good info.

Super lube or WD40 white lithium? I use white lithium on a cnc machine parts, it sticks great, keeps a nice protective layer around parts. Looks messy. I ordered Super lube which some say that like.

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I have things moving, but something strange is is happening. I press home and it goes home and hits the switches correctly. Then I set soft limit to 47.5 and 32.5 and it will run to the extremes and stop just before banging into bolts, then I tried running some tests at different locations on the board for example without the torch on, I’m just doing some straight line tests. Once in a while, I will run out to the Y forward towards the front and it will bang into the bolts, which means it is exceeding the 32.5. After home again it stops at my soft limit like it should. When I’m doing the test in the middle of the board, I’m setting That test to 00 but the machine coordinates should be remaining the same so that it should not exceed soft limits regardless of where I set part 00. Anybody know why this thing is banging once in a while beyond the soft limits? Usually it stops at the soft limit but sometimes it doesn’t. It’s not like it is slipping and losing position prior to this happening because that would mean both why motors would have to be losing position simultaneously

Check your coupler set screws. Put a little more torque on them.

Verify by marking a line down the motor shaft, coupler and lead screw. Run everything back and forth and check the lines. If they don’t line up anymore, tighten the sets crews a little more, rise and repeat.

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Can’t get an arc. Test fire has air but no arc. Voltage shows 0.0 Trying. To cut a short line has air but no arc. Material is connected to cable. Tried 30-35amps. Pressure shows 90. On the forum someone said the x45 inputs are left is divider and right is torch. In the manual it say the reverse. I tried both. When reverse voltage is 256 and it says error voltage is higher than normal. Digging through manuals trying to see why it doesn’t fire. I never changed anything on the cut 45. It is on 2t. The other stuff I haven’t studied.

Real quick, machine torch or hand torch? If hand, will it cut if you pull the trigger (over a safe place.) If machine, does the fire torch (torch on?) Button start anc arc with correct height?

I have both but machine is connected. I have tried the TEST and it says to move the nozzle up 1 inch, press fire and look for an arc. But there is none. I have never seen any arc. Not sure if the cut 45 needs to be set to something, I just turned in on. I have 125PSI from the air dryer.

I could connect the hand torch and try it. Should I get an arc only if near a grounded steel plate or will it arc no matter if it is near metal.

I believe that an arc is correct, even if not connecting to base metal.

Just to be thorough, THC has nothing to do with firing. The fact that you’re getting air leads me to believe that you’re getting a valid “fire” signal. For the time being, disconnect the THC lines / wires and see if you can get an arc.

Additionally, how’s the machine torch mounted? If incorrect, consumables can bind preventing firing.

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Thanks for the tips.

Hand torch does not fire either. Air comes on, goes off on button release. There are only 2 buttons, one is for 2t4t, which the air tracks correctly based on those settings. I tried with the knob in all positions. I tried the hand torch near plate, touching, at all distances. I assume these torches should be ready to go out of the box. All the parts seem to be inside the nozzle.

The machine seems to be working correctly, it tries to run the parts.

I think I need to troubleshoot the plasma cutter module first with hand torch.

It seems the cut45 is dead on arrival. It has never fired with either torch. No warning lights on it. How hard can it be to connect a hand torch and see sparks?

Double check to make sure the consumables, swirl ring, electrode, nozzle and shield are all installed correctly.

Also double check the connection of the torch at the plasma cutter itself. Does that plasma cutter require 120 or 240 volt? Make sure that the input voltage is correct.

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Both the machine and hand torch are new razorweld, neither will arc. On the machine torch I can short the torch input on the front and fire the air no problem. Hand torch fires the air just fine. I unscrewed the nozzles and everything looks like it is there and correct, kinda hard to put it together wrong. I have 240V off a 50 Amp breaker with 6g wire. I unplugged it and plugged it in several times. The razorweld cut 45 has a 240V 6-50 plug, there is no option to connect it otherwise.

I have 125 psi into a harbor freight air drier, no regulators inline. The cut45 shows 90 and it jumps and makes a noise when you pull the trigger, probably the air valve. I even tapped the nozzle on the ground clamp itself and no arcs there either.