First cuts finally! - Issues - need some guidance



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Hey all - thank you for the feedback.
I do use lead-ins… and thanks for the +.3 for the hypertherm for the pierce delay. Pieces are looking much better.

I did a test by cutting out star shapes from about 3 inches down to really small with a fine cut tip - 1/8" steel with book settings at first. .14 pierce height.

Then I did another batch at .10, then .08, then .05. Just to learn how the cut height effects the cut. Turns out - There is very little difference between the batches?? At least that I can see.

So… is cut height like a ballpark? I thought it was extremely critical to get it right. Just looking for what other people think about this experiment.

Also… any tips on using the Hypertherm 65 with the crossfire pro are always appreciated.


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