First cut & need troubleshooting guide

I’m thrilled to have my 1st cut on the table. The cuts are not clean. Is there a troubleshooting guide?

Are you cutting stainless steel?

What thickness is that material.

It also appears that you might have had a bearing slip where it cut into the handle slightly.

Yes. It is stainless steel.

1/8 thick

The X and Y stutter if I go to the back right during the breakin script.

Also, thank you for the response @TinWhisperer !!!

The picture doesn’t really show it…but the cut is more of a V vs straight.

What are the rest of your parameters you’re using?

Cut height
Pierce height
feet per minute

What plasma cutter do you have?

Is your work clamp secured to material?

And you are running this with the torch height control ON?

I’m guessing you’re going to have a cut height that’s too high or part of that bevel you’re seeing but I would like to see some of your parameters first.

Did they also be something going on with your programming here?

Or a t2 t4 switch problem on your plasma

I am using a ready-made script from the forums. The torch was set to 1/4 inch above the metal.

I did not run it with the HC on. However, I will do that next time. (17.2 KB)

I’m not sure what your machine is yet but .25 inch cut height is too high.
Stainless over all other materials wants an especially close cut height typically.
For example I run stainless steel 14 gauge as .02 cut height on my hypertherm running 45 amp .
I’m sure you’ll be able to make a good cut when to get some parameters dial in.

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This program only has two z axis operations in it that’s why the notch, it’s not a coupling problem.

This program could also use some smoothing out there’s a lot of points in it for such a simple piece.

Fast and smooth for cutting stainless steel is best

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I pulled some wife agro so had to get house things done. She is happy so I’m heading back out.

Using the THC and Razerweld 45 with hand torch.

Is there an online class I can take that spells all this out? There are heaps of helpful videos…but I’m lacking the basics. Will be exploring my local community college for courses.

Image from (2.1 MB)

Are the motors supposed to sound like R2D2?

The stepper motor sound normal to me. I did not find an online course but there are a lot of videos on youtube. I would start off with a much simpler drawing that your create yourself or that is meant to be a test file. Here’s one that I know works. Test Card | FireShare | Langmuir Systems

If you do your own just make a 2 inch circle inside a 3 inch square or something similar so you aren’t dealing with issues in the drawing at the same time you’re trying to figure out if the table works right. The files on Fireshare are from a lot of different sources with varying degrees of quality. While it might seem like a good place to start that wasn’t my experience. You’ll figure it out just be patient and methodical.


welcome aboard!

congrats on the 1’st cut! any cut, no matter what the quality is an accomplishment given the complexity of the whole body of work…is a long learning curve/dial in because every installation is different…

check and double check all the set screws in all the drive screw couplers…

our experience is that stainless really produces an ugly cut until you are dialed in, we happened to start with stainless because we had a pile of surplus building door push & kick plates to experiment with…

the people on this forum are the best…all the help you will ever need…

Mike, K1FNX near Boston

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