Firing the torch

hello I have a problem firing the torch I have the torch light at the bottom which turns orange but the torch does not work it moves but does not cut?? it worked I didn’t change anything apart from the 21.1 update I’m on windows 10 family I don’t understand
I’m a ball in English so it complicates things I think it comes from the cnc because I no longer hear the relay click when firing
many thanks for your help

Take the cover off the electronics box and make sure this relay is fully seated on the board.


were you able to cut before?
what plasma machine are you using?
do you have Z axis? un and down on your torch?..because the connection is not there…

also you could try to use the torch fire button…see if Firecontrol does fire your torch


the cnc is in the workshop, I’ll look tomorrow

I don’t have a z axis
no, it’s the commissioning and my first tests and my first steps in this domain.
When I schunt to the socket the torch works.
I have a new problem the firing is permanent with crossfire open even if no program is launched?? I think the firing board has a problem.
thank you both for your help

what plasma torch system are you using?

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I use this one with an optional straight key

That is a high frequency start machine and is not compatible with Langmuir tables. Use of that machine may damage the electronics in the control box.

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you CAN NOT use that plasma with the Langmuir table…you will destroy your electronics for the table…

you must only use blow-back start plasma cutters…

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this is from the Langmuir website under compatible plasma cutters

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super fortunate that I had sent the link of the cnc to the supplier of the plasma cutter :sob:

just for my personal culture why can’t you use a plasma cutter in HF?
if we isolate the tank from the rest of the plasma cutter and we ground the chassis as it should be, I don’t see how a circuit breaker will see a current leak without grounding finally for me small european
maybe it’s different across the atlantic?

the High frequency will fry the electronics of the Langmuir control system…I posted it above…some tables can use HF cutters…but the Langmuir can not.

@langmuirsystems please explain the technical reasons for this…thanks

The main problem with electromagnetic interference and the Langmuir system is that the large disrupting high frequency noise which is used to ionize the air between the nozzle and the work material ends up corrupting the USB signal from your computer to the electronics enclosure.
This corrupted signal ends up leading to cut failure.
And an extreme circumstances can actually add enough electrons back into the signal wire that it can fry sensitive electronic components.

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I bought a station without hf that I mounted it is a GYS 45 equipped for cutting on the table (cnc torch and arc control card) without hf of course
as soon as I plugged into the langmuir controller the key is on my own and on my own I may have damaged the old station the card here is a video

I hope the video will work

Is it just me or is it seems like there’s a lot of “relay stuck in the closed position” happening on this forum site in the last 2 weeks.

Did we weld the contacts closed with the original relay with that first HF plasma cutter you tried?

All the with all the power unplugged and disconnected can you pull this relay out and check it with a multimeter to see if it’s in the closed position?

Do you use 220v mains over there? If so is the power supply switched to 220v on the back of it? ( This won’t fix the relay problem I just want to see if it’s in the correct position)

Spec sheet

Full manual

good evening

yes here it is 220v and the power supply has been switched to this voltage.
when the power is off the relay is at rest (open contact) as soon as I power up the relay immediately sticks

actually I think that the use of the hf plasma for a few seconds has to do ma to the electronics the relay has nothing it is just permanently powered.
I sent the video to the after-sales service in langmuir if I have to change the card I wonder if I should not take the opportunity to add the really useful z axis on this version?

100% order the THC.

do you have shares in langmuir?? :rofl:
I’m joking of course your help and your opinion is precious thank you

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