Firing the torch

it’s in the cart I’m waiting to see if I should recommend a card I opened a dear langmuir tiket

wish a lot of did…

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You need to straighten out all your cables, not coiled up thrown everywhere. Get the plasma cutter out from under the table… You are creating your own problems, just as others that post on here with problems.

hello it’s not a wiring problem without connecting anything to the cnc the relay remains sticking permanently

good evening
I opened a ticket at langmuir on the 14th I am waiting for an answer

after several exchanges with langmuir we replace the control board I take the opportunity to take the thc

here is the order has passed delays 2 to 3 weeks snif its going to be long

good morning
news i got the new card and it works cool!!
I’m waiting for the engine for the thc
thanks for the help