Firepit / Grill (aka BBQ in Australia!)

I saw a photo of something similar online so had a go designing this one from scratch in Fusion360.
Made out of 2mm plate.

Built to slot together so can be stored flat when not in use.

Designed to hold an off-the-shelf grill so you can easily cook on it.

Painted with flat black high temp paint.

Not perfect, but happy with it for a first attempt!


that is really nice…thanks for sharing…you could always share the file in FireShare…

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Oh that is nice. What did you use to design it?

Great design.

edit: Nevermind, i saw you used Fusion.

Oooooooh, NICE! :smile:

Its pretty damn Ausum. And that view is Awsome. Good work and great back yard. Or should i say Outback Yard?

Thanks - very blessed to live in an awesome part of the world!

If my backyard was like that, I would fly my RC Heli every day! :rofl:

Plenty of room for RC Helis, drones, buggies, bikes…


Off topic yet again. My back yard.

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Well we at least have deer in common…

mmmm venison on the barby

We make venison sausages and call them… Bambi Bangers

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Deer , Turkeys, Coyotes, rabbits,racoons…Never know what i will see out in the yard. Acasional Bobcat.

Deer ,Turkey and Rabbit sounds like Thanksgiving can’t wait.

No matter how bad it gets, I wont starve to death.

Thats right you got a rototiller to.

Have a big sweet corn patch. Corn goes good with anything. Been to wet to plant amything else. has rained for over a week straight. Well i planted tomatoes. cucumbers water melons and alot more but the frost killed it all and been to wet ever sinse.

AWESOME spread! :rofl: :tumbler_glass:

This is our RC Airfield, 10 minutes from my home, 400 acres, 360ft asphalt runway and three helipads. Solar and wind power for the alarm and cameras and 10kw diesel generator for events.


that is one nice RC field…love the automated grass mowers…(cows)…
but they look like they could be a hazard …or are they there for the big events…BBQ!!!

love the open space…

Here in Canada flying anything RC these days…is getting so restrictive…it is becomming a lost pastime.