Firecontrol v1.6.scpost

So can firecontrol v1.6.scpost have a voltage and amp script included for sheetcam?

Not sure what you’re asking for here. I just put those things in my tool name.

My understanding is sheetcam would allow those values in the post setup if they are written in the post processer. Once you have those values in the post processer (firecontrol v1.6.scpost) you can enter them into sheetcam instead of the cut height.

I’m still not seeing how that would work.

Amps wouldn’t matter at all, since there is no way to have Firecontrol change the amps on your plasma cutter and the THC is only concerned with voltage.

Voltage would be nice, if you use nominal voltage instead of Smart Voltage, but I don’t know if Firecontrol is set up to receive that input from the G code. You would still need to set a pierce and cut height, because it has to have a starting point before the THC takes over and it needs to know where to place the torch during the times that the THC is off (any time the torch speed is less than 85% of the program speed).

Yes I know that the amps are controlled at the cutter and I do know that a line would have to be added for the voltage in the post processer but it would be nice to have a way to use it in sheetcam.