FireControl toolpath not visible

For some reason the toolpath doesn’t show up in FireControl. We’ve been able to make a few test cuts (still working out those issues), but no toolpath. We’re running an old 64-bit Windows 10 laptop, but the specs meet the minimums. Zooming in and out doesn’t change help and neither does the fit button. Any ideas?

Hi @janzenbros we’re sorry to hear about your issue. Can you please attach your program here and also send a screenshot of what you are seeing?


That was quick! Here you go.

Antenna (1.4 KB)

We can’t reproduce this issue as your program is showing up in the visualizer of all of our test machines.

Is it only this program or all programs on this machine?
Have you uninstalled/reinstalled FireControl?
Are you able to try this out on another computer?

Can you post the specs of your computer, specifically your graphics.


I saw this when running FC under Parallels emulation on my MacBook Pro but it went away when I upgraded to FC 20.2. It may have just been a restart that did the trick…?

After looking around I believe its a graphics driver issue. This laptop is old enough they don’t make proper Windows 10 graphics drivers for it.

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Did you find a solution for this? I’m trying to get an older laptop running to keep with the table. It seems everything works, just no toolpath display.

It probably has to do with the graphics card in the laptop. I have an old PC that I’m using and the toolpath did not display on it. I had to put a newer graphics card in it and everything works perfectly now.

In future up dates of fire control could you look into setting up like mach3 did where as it cuts it highlights the completed cuts on the tool path veiw? It worked out great to know what was and wasn’t completed especially if I need to go back and do a “run from here” program because something glitched or didn’t cut right. Thanks


We are making performance improvements to the visualizer in the coming release. Completed path highlighting was in the original release and should be coming back for 20.3.

20.3 will also introduce the option to toggle off the visualizer (in favor of a progress indicator) for particularly old or even lower spec systems.

Path highlighting when you click a G-Code line (for Run From Here) is another feature we are planning to add in a future release.

The FireControl visualizer uses OpenGL so older systems that are experiencing this issue may just need to update openGL drivers. Please post if this works for any of you.


That will be very nice. Especially helpful if you get a tip up stop mid-project or your consumables gunk up and you need to change them mid-project.

While making improvements I would like to see just like in Mach 3 where a user can edit a button or in Fire Control have the ability to add buttons by adding code to do different operations. For example I will be adding a crosshair laser light to define a starting point on my material then would like to be able to push this button and the torch would move to that defined point. Also by adding more code it would also then zero out the X & Y axis. I would then be setup and ready for starting my cut. :pray:Many Thanks if LS could make this happen.

Im having the same problem with mine.

Some customers have had success with visualizer issues by updating their OpenGL drivers. Follow the directions here and see if it works for you.