Firecontrol on an OG table

What would it take to put Firecontrol on an OG table that is currently running Mach3? We have a pro table as well as an OG table and like the Fireconrol so much better.

there are a couple of guys here who have done it…cletus and tom…if I am not mistaken

Uh, no. Clarification. I and others have modified our OG tables to have features (IHS, THC, etc) like those you get with FireControl, but we still use Mach 3 as our interface. The key difference is the controller board, ours is still OG, whereas the Gen 2 system has a Langmuir Systems controller board.

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again I need to read the topic 2 times before answering…or stop posting after the second glass of fine scotch…

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Oh No! That’s when the wisdom is at its best!

On the other hand, are you drinking Canadian ‘scotch’?

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FWIW, there is a thread (Official 2X2 Z kit THC upgrade kit coming soon?!)
related to speculation about an upgrade to OG tables to upgrade to FireControl. However, I’m not entirely sure that any claims in that thread are based on real plans (other than references to specific updates to the product pages).

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yup…got this also at home…

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Ok, ToolBoy! You’ve really done it now! You show me this stuff and I keep looking for the invite but haven’t seen it yet! I think you’re pushing your luck…