Firecontrol not opening

I need help, every day or two I have to delete and reload firecontrol because it will not open. Last night I deleted it several times and restarted my computer but it still will not open. Is there something else I can try? TIA

The only time I had issues with Firecontrol not opening was because my laptop wasn’t connected to the internet. Since I’ve found that out I haven’t had any issues.

I can open Fusion 360, Inkscape, and Sheetcam without any issues.

Is your computer up to date with windows updates?

Yes it is up to date.

Mine wasn’t and FireControl wouldn’t open. I had to uninstall, restart, and reinstall before it worked. Windows 10 version 2004 was the problem with mine.

Hi Randy-

The likely answer for this is to delete your (dot) .FireControl folder in your User folder. Uninstalling and re-installing the program will not remove it.

This error has been around for a while and is not going to have to happen with the latest version of FC.

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