FireControl Won't Open - Troubleshooting

Hi All-

There have been a number of you who have had troubles with getting FireControl to open on Windows computers. Here we will try and outline some potential solutions that will hopefully get you back in action. We’ll be adding problems and solutions to this as we tackle any ongoing issues.

Delete your FireControl settings folder.

Navigate to:

  • On Windows : C:/Users/[YOUR USER]
  • On MacOS : /Users/[YOUR USER]

and delete the .FireControl folder. FireControl will recreate this folder when it boots up but you will lose your current saved location.

Why: FireControl saves and restores certain settings between each time the app closes and opens. These are things like current XY location, units settings, and a few others. If something goes wrong or for other reasons, this can become corrupt and prevent FireControl from opening fully.

Update your OpenGL Graphics Drivers

Follow the instructions linked below to download and install the latest OpenGL graphics drivers for your computer.

Why: FireControl uses open source graphics framework OpenGL to render most of the UI from buttons to the visualizer. If you have an older computer, operating system, or even later versions, you may not have up to date drivers. This process is fairly simple and quick.

If you first try deleting the FireControl Settings folder as described above then retry to open FireControl again and it still doesn’t open but it does recreate the settings folder than this is likely the culprit.

Permissions on your User Folder

If you attempt to open FireControl and it doesn’t ever create a .FireControl settings folder, your issue may be related to the file permissions on your User folder. To check, follow the instructions on the link below.

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