Firecontrol Errors with XR

So Im on day two of production cutting with the XR. I just noticed surfing around on here it appears FC version 21.1.4 is out and I have 21 1.3 not sure what I missed. Maybe that is some of my issue.

So I use about 12 different cut files a day, sometimes more and I have probably 50 total files. Fortunately the were done on sheetcam (I don’t update it bc I don’t like updates if it isn’t broke) and they are working from my PRO and now on the XR.

Im cutting and this error popped up, so on one particular hole it would pierce but not move. I reset it, I recut, I shut FC down and to no avail that hole was not getting cut, so I skipped it to next hole and the rest of file cut fine. I then re post processed the file and next day it cut fine.

So Im on day 2 cutting and a file that cut fine on day one now did the same thing on another hole (different files this time) So I skipped it and cut the whole file, then I shut down cpu, restarted everything and went back to that same hole and it cut.

So Im wondering if it is an interference issue or a FC issue. Anyone else experience this and is it maybe something going on in this version 1.3?

I also now can’t view the table parameters. When I try and click the icons right above the G code none of them work. I could view them when I initially was jogging machine. Now they wont come up at all even with multiple restarts.

I went through hell with the PRO and these software updates. I finally got a beta update from them and never got off it bc I feared something else would be wrong, but it works well. Only thing that doesn’t work is the scale and straight cut stuff. I know its not an easy task but for people that use these machines for a living it can be super frustrating.

No reply to email, no reply to voice mail and no replies on here. So update on my end. I loaded 1.4 and ran it today. I had no errors from FC with about 900 pierces. That for me is roughly 4hr span of cutting (thats prepping parts, loading unloading etc, not actual torch time).

Im still not seeing the table parameters. When I click on show machine tab it does nothing. Am I missing something or is this a bug? Im not too worried about this just curious. The actual FC errors I was having was very concerning and glad I didn’t get any today.

Although I am no help at this point because I don’t have my machine, I appreciate you posting about them not getting back with you after 3 days. I’m starting to rethink my order. It took me calling them back 3 times just to get someone on the phone to ask about the legitimate footprint of the machine.

please consider the following:

  • you posted a question before a weekend…many people do not spend their weekends scouring the forums…and I bet Langmuir staff do what they can on weekends…as the forum is not a perfect place.

  • I am not sure when you sent email or left voicemails with Langmuir…but give them a chance…they will get back to you.

  • The XR is new to the market so a lot of people do not have them and us older guys with other tables can not help as much

Also if you need faster support on the forum you can tag Langmuir like this… @langmuirsystems

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@toolboy @langmuirsystems
I get all of the points that you are trying to make. However, I experienced the same issue with getting in contact with them on a Monday, Tues, and Wednesday well before the holidays. I don’t expect 24/7 extreme mission critical support, but a call back or at least acknowledge that they are going to call me would be nice, especially considering I’m about to spend several thousand dollars for a machine. I’m not bashing, or trolling. Just validating the OP’s post that their response times are severely lacking and has me questioning if I’d want to take this money and put it towards a different company/machine (and likely a more expensive machine) to get a little peace of mind that I’m not going to be left in the dark for days on end. I plan on buying this for my business, and if my business is shutdown because my table is and I can’t get support from the manufacturer, whats the point in having the table? I’m no technical slouch and can figure things out on my own 99% of the time, I built the table I have currently, but the whole reason I want to go with commercial built solution is so that I have someone to support my staff when things go weird and I’m not around. Very concerning.

I wish you luck, Sir.

A lot of valid points have been made here concerning customer support. I will offer this. Right now Langmuir is a growing company. One that seems to be placing the majority of its resources in to its actual products. Customer support is definitely extremely important for the end consumer as well as the long term success of their business and they certainly know it. But right now, if they hired more technical staff to answer and respond to calls it would ultimately take away from other services ex. Software updates, in house trouble shooting of recurring issues, etc. LS leans on the forums heavily as it’s go to communication platform and it’s my opinion that it’s smart to do so. It’s gives them the opportunity to realize recurring issues, come up with real solutions, and leave the information in an open forum for others to find in their own trouble shooting journey. Ultimately, one way or another, more people to answer calls and you bet you’d be paying more for a table for their increased overhead. If you want 24/7 support or are not satisfied with their availability, then it’s fair to consider another table manufacturer. No one would be upset nor would blame you for that being the reason you decided to go with someone else. In the end, we all accept varying levels of trade offs when cost is an issue. With all of that said, I can’t get a lot of Fortune 500 companies on the phone and if I do, it’s some one in India because they’ve contracted out customer support. Aggravating to say the least, but also very expensive to maintain and ultimately adds very little to the bottom line for most companies. For now, you can bet the community is here to help alongside LS in keeping tables up and running and software issues brought to light.

As far as the OP, I am not having the same issue as you though I have had the computer loose all communication with the table. Twice while cutting and a few times while jogging. Salvaged 1 nested sheet. The other I couldn’t save and lost all profit on the job. Not sure exactly what is going on in your case. It sounds to me like an interference issue. Chokes on data cables? High frequency cutter? Something else on your electrical circuit? You’ve had issues with multiple tables and software it seems at this point where as I’ve had only issues that most have had and LS has addressed with updates. Maybe I’m lucky. Maybe you’ve got an electrical gremlin? That probably sounds sarcastic. It’s not meant to.


As Iv stated on alot of my forum posts, this is my 5th table from them. Overall Im happy with the support and the forum. To open a new facility in a new state, to launch the XR and to deal with all the current things in our country today, I would say they are doing well. Cam is the only person I was emailing and talking to personally on phone. He seemed to do well with trying to help me when I was having Y axis issues.

The new issue I left a VM on the 2nd with no reply, email and forum. Its a concerning issue that would take 1 minute to discuss. Iv dealt with countless issues on all the machines and FC bugs have been enough to make me look into other brands. It has been stable for a while that is why I went with the XR. I give these guys the benefit of the doubt. I been using their machines to make a good living for past 3 years. I want to see them succeed 100%. Im not saying customer service is bad, but Im being honest with getting no answer and if more people see that, it needs to be addressed.

I don’t do hobby cutting so it is critical to have good and fast customer support. Many factors in getting new business, a bad name or losing business depends on that. Fortunately I hope problem is solved with downloading the latest FC. My company is very similar to theirs so I can relate to its easier said than done.

To wait for so long for a machine only to have issues off the gate needs fast customer support. Im up and running pretty good for now, but I have to always have two machines incase one goes down. I know things happen, but stakes are higher with the XR, its a bigger footprint, not easy to move and costs alot more (thought nice price point) and has much more intricate pieces that could delay fixing or troubleshooting.

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If you are considering the PRO for the price, I don’t know of anyone else that could beat it. You’d make your money back in a week or a month. With the forum and how long its been out, I don’t think you can go wrong. XR decision is tougher, its much bigger and seemingly complicated system. But even with they destroy competitors pricing. To most competitors out there they have been around longer.

For me I like Fire control alot, minus the many bugs it had. I just didn’t want to switch brands and not like the interface. I do not like mach 3, though I think most other brands use their own software. Iv always gotten responses from them via email. I rarely ever had to call. The XR they have their own tech support for. I know things are just super crazy right now, hard to even find people that want to work. So I do always give them the benefit of the doubt. No company is going to dot every I and cross every T. To rely on the table or plasma I get it, been there. I have back ups of both, basically two operational setups. LM won’t leave you hanging. They have always been good about sending out parts needed. The owners still seem to post on the forum which is very respectable.

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I’m considering the XR because of the full sheet capacity. I have a 4x8 shop built with a smartbob mach4 controller and it works very well, until it doesn’t, :slight_smile: but I can say its light years above mach 3 lol. However, since I am the one that built it, I’m the one that supports it.

Yeah I get the workforce shortages, as well as supply chain problems (I am experiencing that as well) and that is why its going to be late on second batch for the XR. I’m just concerned that I finally take that fly fishing trip, a rush job comes in, both machines go down, and I get the call because no one else answers lol.

Great prices I agree. But I’m also, a little worried about the forums outside of this one. I see a lot of trash talk. Beat up parts being delivered, wrong parts shipped. I mean the list is as long as my arm. I know that there are some people that you just can’t make happy, but wow there’s a lot of them out there with LS tables.

@directioneast I appreciate your two cents. It helps when current owners throw in their experiences. Like I said, I’m not hear to bash, or troll. I just want to make sure I’m making the right decision here.

sux to hear you lost material. It very risky business now days since steel is so expensive. You should be able to pick back up where you left off if you HOME the machine after all that, open program back up and see if it will pick back up where it left off in the program. If it doesn’t I usually try and zero the machine best I think it was at, then I do a dry run to a part and see if the torch is in right spot, then start from there. Iv saved many pieces that way.

Iv had a bad usb port on my laptop bf and would get issues when cutting if I was plugged into that port. I guess it could be possible with the PC that comes with the XR, or maybe a bad cable in your case.

The only difference for me now on the XR vs my PRO setup are (and will be moved when Im all settled in) the hypertherm is 4+ feet way from computer vs 15. I do have my computer and the XR control box plugged into same power strip (I will change that). I have chokes on the XR (never ran them on my PRO). After installing latest FC I ran 900 pierces in a span of 4hrs. I had zero issues.

I think this forum was a great idea years ago. Makes alot of sense to have others help out and honestly learn from actual on field experiences from people. Im not familiar with outside forums, I don’t get on fb for this stuff either. I got right to the source here. I personally bought two crossfires, two PROS and an XR. Everything was shipped well and had all the right parts. When I needed bearings if they blew out, they would send them (until they got weird with the warranty stuff, I think that should be muuuuch more clear on that). If you like having 4x8 now than yah Id go with the XR.

I only cut 3 days so far production, so far Im happy. I wish I knew long term reliability but I don’t. I know they put alot of time and effort into FC and I feel like it will succeed. Alot of haters out there, but I don’t know of a company off hand that came in and changed the game like LM. Thats why I continue to support them. Iv thought about other machines that are way more money, but that doesn’t necessarily guarantee less problems.


I really do appreciate the feedback. My plan is to put an everlast 82i on it. I’m a ham radio operator so choking wires is second nature to me, so that shouldn’t be an issue. I’ve read about issues with making smaller holes with FC. I’m wondering what the size limit is on that but I’ll research that. Some of the stuff I do has 3mm holes, Now I just pierce/drill/tap with a mag drill. Hoping I can at least still do that on the XR

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Not sure how small you can go. Rule of thumb Iv been told is dont go too much smaller than the actual thickness of material. Thats coming from a place that uses laser. Id say since they are as determined as heck to stick with ball screw design you can obtain tighter cuts than a linear rail system.

If you use the Everlast now good for you. I had zero luck with a 50amp years ago. I sent it back. Im all hypertherm.

I’ve have/had both. I’m currently running a 52i and the hiccups I’ve had with it were minimal. Usually blow through tips because I’m a hurry and my cobbled together THC isn’t exactly industry standard. I built it using an arduino a few years back. My first cutter was a hypertherm 45xp, sold it because it didn’t work well with my home built system. (kinda regretting it now) We’ll see how it goes. :slight_smile:

Off topic. Just switched back to Hypertherm and have a lightly used 82i Cnc fully wired now starting to collect dust. I’m in Texas but an option to saved some $ if interested. Switched back ultimately because if I need consumables then I want to be able to get them same day. George shipped very quickly but they got delayed in shipping and it took awhile for them to arrive. I can’t do that again. As I build out my business, I can not tell a customer their parts are delayed again because I ran out of consumables.


Bringing this back to the original concern, it looks like that original error may have been a buffer override error wherein the controller (FC) sends commands too quickly for the MCB to handle but this almost never happens. These sort of issues don’t manifest consistently but some programs with long (character-wise) gcode lines and quick sending (lots of tiny moves) may cause them. It would be useful to determine if you are sending a ton of long lines very quickly via taking a look at the program.

Secondly, it looks like then your limit switch setting in Machine Settings (to the right of the connection dropdowns) may be turned off. This is necessary to display machine coordinates and the machine box (red outline in the visualizer). Can you check this?


Ok, today I got the same error on the same file again in same spot. So… Im leaning toward and issue with FC and the post processing. Iv ran this file several times with no error and now atleast 2 times it seems to have hung up on the same hole (thankfully it wasnt an oustide of part cut, a hole I can easily drill out). So after I got the error, I restarted computer. When I ran the file again later in day, no issues.

FYI - Iv been using this file for months. Had no issues at all on the PRO. Is there any preference in sheetcam version to have for post processing bc of known issues such as this with the XR?
File has 90 pierces and 410 inches of cut. its a 12x24 sheet.

I have my pierce delay at .5 sec which is the offset I used for the PRO and hypertherm. In the XR cutting its way too much pierce so I manually set them all to 70%. I don’t think that is an issue bc out of the 12 different files I run everyday, I only have gotten this error on 2 different files. After I re posted processed the one file, I haven’t gotten this error since.

Good to know on the limit switch settings, that makes sense and yes Im familiar with them. I bet that will do the trick. thanks

936-235-3991 If you have XR related questions

I’m sorry youre having issues still. I went back through our ticketing system to see why you had not been responded to in a timely fashion as I generally respond to messages same day.
Re: A shipment from order #35107 is on the way
All emails that are XR related get filtered to me however the ticket or email needs to specify that it is an XR related issue otherwise we don’t know who to assign it to. If you need XR tech support please call my direct line 936-235-3991 or submit a ticket through our XR support system on our website. Anything that is designated XR will be filtered to me and answered, in most instances, same day. Im here M-F 715-4 CST and I generally do not leave my office until my queue is empty. If you are still having issues I would implore you to reach out to me directly so we can coordinate and resolve any current or future issues in a streamlined fashion. Thank you kindly.