FireControl display

Is there a way to properly full screen with a 1366x768 resolution?

Currently I have to scroll the FC window a little to get to all the buttons. Changing my local display doesn’t seem to solve the problem.

Go to display settings and change the scale and layout to 100%.

I tried changing display settings (windows 10). And scaling to 100 it still leaves a scroll bar on the right. Can you show me your settings?

its only firecontrol?

Here’s my settings and I’m also using Windows 10. I had the same issue. It was set to 125% and changing it to 100% fixed the problem.

mines already set that way. = /

Yes only fire control

just opened up my Windows computer and firecontrol, and realized mine is the same way. I honestly never noticed, or knew, there was a NEST button on the bottom.
I cant figure out how to fix that either. although i dont think ill ever need the nest feature anyways.

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Did you try changing your screen resolution?

That is standard resolution for a “non-HD” laptop screen.

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We’d get full screen if only the “help” button above the langmuir logo wasn’t there. Maybe if the help button could be put next to the word firecontrol or either next to height control.

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i did, but the entire screen changed and added black borders to the sides.

theres no way to resize the FireControl window.

Have you tried scaling it down to less than 100%?

i cant seem to figure out how in the firecontrol window

im having the same issue and its a real pain in the dick if you want to use the straight cut feature. have to scroll down to get to the rest of the buttons to generate the gcode. you would think software thats written to be mainly used on a laptop would have a resolution native to a standard laptop screen.

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that the 1st thing I tried, went through every variation from the drop down

new here i saw your post on the miller 375 bnc connector and was wondering does that elemiate the need for the vim for the thc

those mods were for the crossfire original just got get the torch to fire. THC requires to tap into raw voltage if you dont have a CNC port. BUT I think ITH is fine , which is really pretty good tbh

Thanks just got the crossfire pro and just trying to get started it’s all a little foreign to me

Has anyone got anywhere with this? It will not fit in 1024x768 and it’s the only resolution my monitor supports.