FireControl Bug and Feature Submission - where?

Dear LS,
Where do I send software bugs and feature requests? I’m a new user with Pro+THC, running latest software and firmware. I’m going to send a few here so I don’t forget them.

  1. The THC test has 2 stages with the 2nd being the live fire. If there’s a torch problem and live fire doesn’t happen a retry is option is offered, this dialog box can’t be closed or canceled. I had a difficult torch problem yesterday which took an hour to figure out, so I had to kill FC with task manager.

  2. When FC is first run, the jog speed defaults to the highest speed, I think you reconsider this and choose the default to be the slowest speed.

  3. jogging with the arrow keys should offer a faster speed if the shift key is down.

  4. I’ve seen 2 jog speed button illuminated at the same time. That software functionality should be reviewed.

  5. There should be a reload button for the currently selected job file. This permits CAM file to be replaced while FC is running.

  6. While running a job, FC should display the current speed (F) value.

  7. And the big one, FC really needs a simple MDI.

Thanks for your time. So far, I very happy with my purchase, the quality, the price and the support I’ve received.

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There are a few posts on here with bug/feature requests, but no formalized process (that I know of) where users can submit issues or feature requests. When LS does a new release post, many folks will reply to that thread with info…

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OK, thanks for the info.

Granted I’m not running the latest version but the current speed is displayed:

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Also - I forgot - be sure to search @Greg9504’s posts - he’s been keeping the most comprehensive list of issues and submissions that I’ve seen. :+1:


Hey thanks for the tips.

@James5 Hmm, I think you meant someone else. :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh - man - sorry…I retract that…someone one the forum was collecting up feature requests into a post or two…I thought it was you, but I’m not sure where / who was doing that…

It’s ok, James. We understand. It happens… first it’s, well, something else and then it’s the memory. It’s ok. We still like you. :smiley:


is that called a “toolboy”…jumping the gun on a post…hehehehehehehehe


jumping the gun, something we all do. no worries

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It would also be really cool and convenient if you were able to load files to cut without actually booking to my machine. Sometimes it would be nice to see how it loads from my living room as opposed to opening my shop and plugging in.

that is why they have laptops…design software…post processing…Firecontrol…on on a laptop…then go down and plug it in to the table to cut…

I believe your wish is granted…

I think you may be misunderstanding me. When I want to cut that’s what I do. Sometimes I just want to pull up a Cam file on forecontril to look at it without having to go to my shop and plug in my machine.

Personally, I noticed running the break-in program that my feed rate overrides weren’t working. I have yet to dig deeper.

If you were running the one from the download page that is because all the moves are G0, which are rapids. Feed rate only applies to G1 moves.

Even though Firecontrol displays a feed rate of 300 for that file, all it’s doing is reading the comment at the end of the file to get that, and it’s just stuck in there to keep the Firecontrol parser happy.

Interesting. I’m used to even rapid moves slowing when the feed rate overrides are applied on other machines I’ve run.

It makes it much less safe proving out new programs doing a dry run if the rapids still run full speed. I’ll have to keep that in mind.

I know I’m late to this post, but the best thing you can do if you notice any bugs or want to see specific features added to FireControl in the future would be to email us at or fill out the web form on our contact us page. The support email address is shared between a handful of us here, including our FireControl developer.

Thanks - would be cool if you had a something like a public github page for end users to enter and track stuff. Not the software itself, but the project management functions around it. Release info could be linked over there with bug fix lists, etc. There are also some other popular tools out there that do that stuff as well. File away in the suggestion box :smiley:

Sounds good. Thanks