Firecontrol and Fusion 360

My IHS is not greyed out

If torch lead doesn’t have slack to move up and down freely it will do that. I have had it happen

i have slack

Both work here

Figured out the IHS issue, but now I get this:

Is wire at the back of a motor plugged in good

when its green the means the ihs switch is in the closed position

Greyed out means the switch is in the open position

When the torch moves down and the hits the metal it closes this switch

I H S Inital Height Sense

Pierce delay needs to be longer?

I dont know

Increase on left side by 20 to 30 and try again

This error could also occur if your plasma cutter is turned off or in a fault state as well

If you try to manually fire it in fire control does your torch fire?

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sorry not sure about what your asking

sorry damn thing was off I could have sworn it was on.

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If your torch will fire manually. You can override Pierce delay it is right above the thc section

That was a easy fix

started cutting and after about 3 minutes, it just stoped.

No errors?

What kind of plasma cutter are you using?

Air was keeping up fine?

Looks like it failed on a pierce.

air is good and dry, no errors im using the Razorcut 45A

Did it bring up the option to start from that line of code . “start from loop?”

no, restarted it and it did it again, but in a different spot. Maybe my air.